Backorder Status

Backorder status updated as of 15 April 2014. 

Hollyhoque #239
(Shipment estimated to arrive by the 1st week of May) 
1) Rollin' In The Punch Ripped Jeans
2) Picture Perfect High Waist Jeans
3) Rain Or Shine Parka
4) Next In Line Boyfriend Shirt
5) Braid The Day Away Flats
6) Meadow Magic Stripe Knit Top
7) Hop Along Rabbit Shirt
8) Dawn Desires Appliqué Shirt
9) Studded Up In Charisma Shirt 
Hollyhoque #238
(Shipment estimated to arrive by the 4th week of April) 
1) Thrill City Skinny Jeans
2) So Right Destroyed Denim Shorts 
3) Scene Kid High Waist Denim Shorts
4) Triple X Cropped Tee
5) Five For Find Cropped Tee 
6) Priceless Pointy Heels
7) Refined By Me Eyelet Top 
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