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Interview with Bernadette Belle

Posted: Jul 11 2014

It is not every day we get to meet such a belle; and to meet the Belle of the Belles, well that’s even rarer!

Introducing Bernadette Belle, the most recent winner of Turf Belle 2014, a contest held by Singapore Airlines International Cup. In case some of you are wondering – she didn’t name herself Belle because of the contest, it was just a very fortunate (and definitely accurate) coincidence!

But enough of us talking, here’s the gorgeous darling and we will let her speak for herself.

You are so beautiful! Are you of mixed blood?
My family and I were all born in the Philippines but I am actually pure Chinese!

Wow that’s so cool – so are you able to speak Chinese fluently?
I am much better at Tagalog as opposed to Chinese *laughs*.

So if you were born in the Philippines, how come you managed to take part in a Singapore based competition, Turf Belle 2014?
Well I actually just got my Singaporean passport, so I am Singaporean now.

Ah, and that must mean you’re studying here right?
Yes I currently attend a private school here!

Very very interesting! What made you join Turf Belle anyway?
When I heard that there was gonna be free horse-riding lessons I couldn’t resist! I love creating new experiences and the Turf Belle offered just that.

You are still so young, having only turned 20 recently. How do you feel about achieving so much already?
A little conflicted actually… I really wanted to study overseas, but if I did, there wouldn’t be all these opportunities I have today. Singapore allowed me to enter into a world I never anticipated, so studying here has been a blessing in disguise.

How do you look, and continue to look so good? Any tips?
I don’t try so hard most days (unless work calls for it)! That being said, it’s all about grooming and putting in a little effort before leaving the house. I always focus on a full set of brows, as I shamefully have very little, and a clean face.

Any favorite clothing brands?
I’ve grown to love Blogshops – constantly checking up on Hollyhoque, The Velvet Dolls, and The Closet Lover! I also like Klarra’s vibe, but the store I’d always bring my friends to is The Editor’s Market at Cineleisure!

Where do you get your fashion inspirations from?
ELLE AUS is my favorite publishing magazine- I like it so much I even get accumulated issues of ELLE from Melbourne through some help! I love sourcing through blogs and tumblr for eye candy. Kenzas, Jenny Ong and Rumi Neely are my favorites!

Besides modelling, what would your dream job be?
Modelling is fantastic, especially its flexibility which accommodates to being a full-time student, but I wouldn't say it's something I will do going forward. I want to be an entrepreneur & an investor when I'm older. That's the dream.

What is your favorite past time?
My schedule's hectic most of the time (I'm a work-horse!). However, as of late, I've been watching the series Revenge a lot. I've also been watching Lord of the Rings on skype dates!

How do you take the perfect OOTD?
The secret is having a good photographer! *psst... Katelyn Chua

Name us some of your wardrobe staples?
Hollyhoque’s Quintessential Leather Tote, white Converse Sneakers, strappy sandals, black yoga pants, army anorak jacket, and my MK Gold Runway Watch.


What are the top 5 things in life that you think are essential to happiness?
1) Support from loved ones
2) constant growth from putting yourself out there (new challenges are exciting)
3) Forgiveness (towards yourself and others) as disappointment is ultimately inevitable
4) Wisdom that allows you to find direction and not fall into a dark path
5) lastly it’s learning not to give a hoot: lions do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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