Freshkon x Hollyhoque Lookbook
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Freshkon x Hollyhoque Lookbook

Posted: Jul 31 2014

Freshkon is no new player in the contact lens market – reputed for their dependable and comfortable lenses, they have become renowned over 50 countries worldwide. This is in no way a small accomplishment, especially during a time where contact lenses have now become such a vital component in Asia’s beauty department.

Gone are the times that contact lenses existed mainly to relieve the cumbersomeness of wearing glasses; now they are created to beautify the eyes, to make them larger, brighter, and more attractive. This is where Freshkon comes in with its well-known labels such as Alluring Eyes and Colors Fusion, introducing stunning colors and designs that are sure to leave you spoilt with possibilities.

One very popular choice is Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown, which is made to match skin tones which range to Medium (Warm/Yellow-Golden) to Tan (Neutral/Tan-Based). Fashioned to give off a warm and friendly disposition, the browns are suitable for those who have just started working in a new environment, be it a job or school. Your eyes are assured to feel healthy and beautiful with their Hydro Micro-Insulation Technology and Oxygen Permeability Efficacy because of their easy-to-fit and no-curling-lens system as well as their 58% (1-DAY) and 55% (1-MONTH) water content.

We have matched it with our Lace Case Bodycon Dress in black, and we think it would look great dressed up with neutral earthy tones and a bright lip color. This way, all the focus would be drawn to your lovely eyes and luscious lips. You can also choose to bring out the glow in your face with a good highlighter/illuminator.

Another popular selection would be Freshkon Colors Fusion that come in both series of Sparklers and Dazzlers. The Sparklers have a well-defined outer ring and unique lens pattern within with custom color blends that ultimately make your eyes look radiant and sparkling with brilliant depth. The Dazzlers offer a wide variety of color options ranging from greys, browns to greens, and you can match them any way you’d like. They both come with 55% water content for optimal comfort and a hydrophilic (water-loving) surface for comfortable wear. Just like the Alluring Eyes lenses, they are also easy to wear with no curling lens problem.

Out of these two ranges, we have chosen two colors of each to introduce to all of you! The first two are new Sparklers’ colors which are Blooming Pink and Glinting Brown! As you can see above, we will be starting with Blooming Pink, which is a subtle dusty pink that blends into the eyes and accentuates them in the most flattering way. The color is in no way overwhelming, so you do not have to worry about looking weird.

We have coordinated this girly lens with our Innocent Love Strap Dress and some cheery matching pink items! To look positively blooming, do up the blush color slightly and opt for a berry pink lip! You may up the ante by including some purplish eyeshadow; if not, just add in some pink accessories like a bracelet or bag!

As for Glinting Brown, we think you could spice things up! After all, you’re already “glinting”, might as well take it all the way with eclectic colors and quirky designs - and nothing encapsulates that better than our Portia Graphic Blazer! Lit up with bright yellows and greens, this is definitely a spin on the otherwise boring office staple.

If you typically go to the office in black and white, why not take a change on Fridays and take this with you instead? You could still wear a black dress or top underneath, but let your outside shine like you deserve to. Don’t shy away from perky colors, embrace them instead! Take along a yellow clutch, a really cute pair of shoes, and glue on some funky eyelashes! You’re bound to draw stares, but that’s just the occupational hazard of being a star.

Moving on to the Dazzlers, we decided to kick start the collection with the Perky Brown lenses! Though it’s brown, like the few others above, this one is more toned down and leans towards the sophisticated side: think café lounging with your beloved other, sipping on some lattes and just looking simply gorgeous at the same time.

Since some cafes are Al Fresco, you could opt clothing that is a little more cooling like this Cerisse Bodycon Striped Dress and just tie a scarf around your neck of that added touch of class. Play down your makeup with CC Cream, brown-toned eyeshadows, some eyeliner, and a coral lipstick. You don’t need much to look absolutely divine.
The last Dazzler is Misty Grey, which is a pretty match for all your romantic outings! Wear it with our Graphic Waves Cropped Top in Pink and a flouncy midi skirt to really exude femininity! Since you want your natural beauty to shine through, just focus on kissable lips, some mascara, light eyeshadow and clean eyeliner! You could also double up your tinted lip balm as a cheek color for that naturally healthy flush!

This grey is also a good match for your darks, should you wish to dress it up with a black dress and some purples. It’s really that versatile, so it is definitely an added bonus for those who like to change their looks regularly!

Are you feeling inspired by these moodboards yet to go get some of your own colored lenses? If so, well good news for you! :)
For all purchases made in HH 255 and HH 256 (our upcoming collections!), a 1-for-1 voucher for Freshkon® cosmetic lenses will be given, so do look out for that! If you've seen any outfit here in particular that you like as well, do take a mental note too and we will see you over at!

Sponsored Lenses: Freshkon Singapore

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