Work Casuals with Hollyhoque
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Work Casuals with Hollyhoque

Posted: Aug 13 2014

We all love Fridays don’t we? As young students, Fridays mean we are that much closer to the weekend. As teenagers, it meant that we were going to head out at night and have a wild time. As working adults though, Fridays are more sacred than those two combined. Fridays are days we are released from rigid corporate wear and allowed to express our sense of style in a more individualistic and comfortable way.

Some of us may choose to dress all the way up, but some of us opt to dress down because it’s our day of unwinding. Doesn’t matter which, anyway, because Hollyhoque has got the whole range of “Work Casuals”, featuring our upcoming items, ready for you to pick and choose from.

First, we have our Effortless Elegance Blouse for you to play up the way you’d like. You can choose to tuck it into a midi skirt for that classy touch, or wear it over patterned pants and colorful heels for some fun. Its loose billowing structure ensures maximum comfort whilst its unique neckline promises extra style points.

For those with a penchant for knits, we’ve got three gorgeous ones in store for you. This is our Feel My Sunshine Knit in three colors that can be worn in such an array of ways! Be it bright and sunny, quirky, or comfy, you can put on this knit and be assured you look great regardless. Though they are heavily patterned, they are so easy to match with your staples, so you don’t have to scramble your mind too hard on Friday mornings.

If luxury is the name of your game and you love your brands, then deck it up (literally!) in this Haute and Nautical Dress! Stripes are the perfect “plain” patterns to have and the easiest to dress up as well! Throw on your Chanel necklaces, Givenchy Heels and makeup then go paint the town red!

This top just screams retro, and we love that it does! Imagine those disco lights, catchy tune, and just having some good clean fun! Now, take the 80’s with you wherever you go with this head turner. Those with warmer skin tones can go with the Red one, and those with cooler skin tones can go with the green. You can keep your accessories plain because your shirt will do all the work.

Last, we’ve got the T-shirt dress. This is one favorite amongst those who just don’t like to bother too much on their last work day of the week. This is the short cut of all short cuts to looking good – all you need are the right accessories. With neutral colors like black, grey, white, you can go crazy with your color choices (which we know is what happens when we are just too lazy to think), and still walk out of your house looking nothing but impeccable.

So, Friday is coming up soon girlies, so have you quite decided what your style will be? ;)

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