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Fashion for the Petite

Posted: Aug 22 2014

Being petite usually has it perks: you get mistaken for being younger than you actually are, you’re always going to be seen as cute, plus you can usually eat as much as you want and still stay pretty much the same size.

But it’s not always smooth sailing, especially in the fashion department. Whilst three-quarter chinos look great on everyone else, they turn into long cargo pants on you. Fully covered maxi skirts turn into tube dresses, crop tops turn into full length tops, and the list goes on.

However, not all hope is lost! After all, petite is just another word for “fun-sized”, and you can still get all the fun you deserve in these lovely Hollyhoque pieces!

Let’s start off with this Natalie Slit Maxi Skirt in Black (also comes in grey), because there’s nothing better than a sexy cut to elongate your legs and make you look taller! We’re especially loving how the previous High School Musical Star has paired her skirt with a cropped top and lovely sun-bleached locks! In case you’re wondering, she’s only about 1.55 meters tall, but you can’t tell can you ;)

You can also take an adventurous turn by putting this embroidered cape shirt on! Whilst Rachel Bilson’s version is more suited for winter, you can opt for a lighter texture like this one for Singapore’s heat and humidity! The petite 1.57 meters tall beauty opts for skinny jeans to elongate her body, and you can too with either jeggings or leggings!

Reese Witherspoon has always been known for her adorable height at 1.56 meters, but she’s equally famous for her great sense of style! Look at how she wears her colorful shorts to dress up her plain tights during chilly weather with a long sleeve knit! You can do the same, or just wear the shorts with a simple top and some accessories.

Moving on to the cutest printed knit you will ever lay your eyes on! Though Nicole Richie’s may be from Proenza Schouler, you can look equally stunning with this. Wear it with some leather skorts, a denim skirt, what have you, and you will still be eye-catchingly good looking! Just remember not to wear too many accessories – less is more in this case.

Okay we are going to admit we kind of cheated with this one because Selena Gomez is about 1.65 meters tall, but it doesn’t mean she looks great in this just because of her height! In fact, our model Nicole stands at 1.55 meters herself and still looks pretty lovely herself. Wear it with some patterned pants or ripped jeans for that extra oomph on a date night out.

We hope you have enjoyed our tiny fashion feature here and can't wait to see you back here again next time! :)

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