Hollyhoque's Mix and Match Sale!
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Hollyhoque's Mix and Match Sale!

Posted: Aug 27 2014

We girls love our sales don't we? There's nothing better than knowing you're getting a great offer on gorgeous clothes, and we here at Hollyhoque are more than happy to oblige to your shopping whims!

Enter our Mix and Match Sale: perfect for those of you who have been saving up for some well-deserved spending! You get to pick FIVE items for just $40, how crazy is that!? A single piece eventually equates to just $8, and that's just too good to be true for some - so we've decided to create this post for all of you to read and see for yourself just how real it is! ;)

First things first, let's indulge on some details for you beauties to read up and further understand the sale before heading down!

There will be five categories of clothes for all of you to choose from:

  • White Label: $10
  • Green Label: $13
  • Blue Label: $16
  • Yellow Label: $20
  • Red label: $25
Out of these FIVE categories, you will get to pick FOUR from the White/Green/Blue Range ($10-16) and ONE from the Yellow/Red Range ($20-25). Let us show you what you can expect from each of the categories for this awesome sale!
*Do note that in the photos below, all 2-piece outfits are at the respective prices separately

These are some of the pieces from the White Range (all going at $10) that will be available! First off the raglan tee is just the most adorable piece to put together with a skater skirt! Nothing spells schoolgirl chic the way this does! If you prefer something more dainty, then you can opt for the gorgeous floral dress! The V-neck detail along with the ribbon tied at the waist is so sweet - perfect for an afternoon cafe date. The black top and skirt ensemble on the far right is great for the office! All you need is a necklace to pull it all together.

These three above are from the Green Range (all going at $13)! As you can tell, these are all gorgeous pieces, and you would be hard pressed to find a better deal elsewhere! The dress in the middle may be stunning, but the two outfits on the sides are equally noteworthy! The black top and white skirt ensemble is too pretty for words, and the red top with black skirt combo spells edgy without going overboard.

Here is our Blue Range, with clothes going at $16 each! These one piece outfits will ensure that your headaches are lessened every time you go out! Each of them look amazing on their own, and you can choose to accessorize them any way you'd like. The best part is that even if you don't, you will still look great! The romper, in particular, is such a cute piece that you should not miss out on! Available in three colors, you will be spoilt for choice.

Finally, we've saved the best for last! Here is what you can expect from the Yellow and Red Ranges ($20-25)! These are all hot recent releases that you know you just must get! If you've noticed, we've featured the Electric Botanic pants on the left before on Sherlyn Chan, and it was very much in demand! You definitely cannot miss this one! Our knits are also beautiful, as always! If you're the girly sort and like dresses and maxi skirts, we've got those in store for you too!

If this post does not bring up enough anticipation and excitement in you, then let's throw in one more thing! Here's a contest you can join! FIVE lucky girls that share this picture above on Instagram and mention @Hollyhoque stands a chance to shop for FREE! ;) So don't go hesitating or waiting any longer because the sale is this weekend! Happy Instagramming and we hope to see you then!

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