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Fashion for Tanned Skin

Posted: Sep 05 2014

Even though most women in Asia crave for fairness, one should not rule out the beauty in being tanned too. After all, facing the ever cruel sun and heat is a very real problem here on our Sunny Island; naturally, some of us turn up tanned even without realizing.

Many have the misconception that fair skinned girls have all the fun when it comes to fashion. In actual fact, girls with tanned skins can wear a plethora of styles and colors as well! However, it is important to realize and understand just what kinds of tones match and how to pull them off – simply throwing on what might look good just isn’t enough!

Today, we’ve lined up a few designs that suit tanned skin perfectly, and we will show you how to pull them off with the help of our beautiful model, Asyiha Ams!

Now, some of you with darker skin tones may shy away to neutrals like black and white to keep safe, but you should actually embrace bright hues because they show up better against your complexion! In particular, those that fall within the warm color range such as red, orange and yellow are sure to look really good!

For example, our A Keen Slate Dress in hot pink is definitely a hot number with its mesh hem, sensual neckline and origami flap! Look at how well it complements her skin tone! As you can see, shades within the warmer color spectrum really bring out your natural shine and make your skin glow.

Don't forget about accessories though! The dress is a simple piece, so you could dress it up with a clutch or necklace that has warm tones to it too - such as our Sweet Illusion Necklace and To Dye For Clutch!

If bright pink isn't your style, then go with this orange-hued one, our Make Me Blush Slip Dress, instead! It's a lot warmer, which would suit a wide range of skin tones as well. Notice how it is closer to the red spectrum, whilst bright pink is closer to the purple/blue spectrum! These have different effects on your skin - one can make you look cool-toned whilst the other is warm-toned.

That's not to say that cooler colors such as green/blue have to be totally ignored! Not at all! You can still wear those, such as our All Flaired Up Dress, and rock them, but you can also up the ante by adding some warm colors (remember, they're on your side!) through accessories such as scarfs or hats! You can also add in warm colors through your make up such as red and coral lipsticks or blushers.

Bright colors don't have to come in one definite form such as a single-toned dress! You can also opt for these bright tones with patterns - some can be subtle and some can be overwhelming, you decide which you're most comfortable in.

Those who are more shy can go with a simple lace dress, such as our Lucy Sweetheart Lace Dress in Pastel Yellow. The patterns all over the dress are hardly overwhelming, and great for those who are more conservative! It allows you to inject that bit of girlyness into your outfit as well.

If you're bolder, take that risk with our Galactic Odyssey Dress! Here is where you can have it all meshed together gorgeously with your cool colors and warm colors! You've just got to love the hints of red and yellow so cleverly thrown in for a great balance! It doesn't hurt especially when the dress has such a great cutting and looks so flattering as well!

For accessories, a neutral toned bag such as black would be great in toning down the many colors. If you throw in another bright colored bag, it might come off as way too much.

Here's an interesting piece to take with you to work! Our Portia Graphic Blazer is sure to get heads turning wherever you go! While Asyiha wears hers with our Breeze By Halter Jumpsuit in Red, you can always do it your way with a neutral color! Try white or black with it to allow the colors on the blazer to pop out! One very important thing to remember when pairing this blazer is that less is more so downplay everything else you wear and you will be safe!

Casual days are no different, but perhaps you don't want to bring on such strong hues. Don't worry! With your skin tone, just pair simple clothing with metallic accessories! In the case above, you can wear mirror aviators out with some gold toned earrings and a chained bag! The patterns on your outfit can be kept minimalistic with our Stripe it Out Knit and some Back to Basics Jeans.

If you rather the patterns on your bottoms rather than top, then opt for our Leilani Trumpet Skort instead. The details are so cute, and easy to pull off with a simple top! This time, instead of grey metallic sunglasses, you can wear colorful ones like this in blue, and throw on some silver bangles to complete everything. Keeping it clean isn't a bad thing at all!

If you've got tanned skin and have been fretting over it, or always keeping to dark colors, we say it's time to throw those worries away and take on some risks! Welcome these great bright colors and we promise you won't regret them!

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