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Sweater Stylin' in Sunny Singapore

Posted: Sep 17 2014

Singapore, unlike many countries, survives on only one season a year – unless you want to count in the monsoon period. Hence, it’s sometimes a drag that we can’t layer and dress up during colder periods like others do.

Fortunately, whatever cold weather that Singapore lacks in, it makes up with air conditioning in workplaces, shopping malls, and schools. This bodes well for us because it means we get to experiment with different types of outerwear without looking too crazy! ;)

For instance, this upcoming A Keen Slate Checkered Shirt (Stocked at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) and knitwear combo would be great for those heading for lectures in really cold halls, or those wishing to dress down on Fridays at work! Simple, classy, easy to accessorize as well. A great plus is that you could either tie the knit over your shoulders, around the waist, or throw it over, and still look nothing short of fashionable.

If you want to head out after work and want to be a little more dressy, then opt for a formal-inside and casual-outside look! You could wear Hollyhoque’s Line Drive Knit Top with our upcoming Work Finesse Slim Fit Pants (Stocked at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) alongside some heels, and then slip on a loose fit blazer when going out at night. This way, you’re a great balance between dressing up and down.

This could also be a great option for those who want to strike that balance but don’t want quite so many layers. This Static Felicity Knit Top in Khaki with Pipe Down Culottes in White spell dressy without going overboard. You could throw on a straw hat for a boho vibe, or just match it with loafers and a chained bag for a dinner with friends.

If you’re a great fan of color and do not want to be tied down by monochromatic knits, then go with a pop of color with this yellow Touch of Tranquil Knit Sweater (Stocked at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) draped over our Garden Florinda Jumpsuit in Azure Blue. You’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd, and look good doing it.

These last few pieces are for the more daring ones who want to bring fall/winter fashion to Singapore and don’t mind just how they do it! A Good Girl Gone Plaid Coat so fashionably worn over a knit dress is easily envisioned on the streets of London and New York, so why not here too? Afterall, if it gets too warm, you can always opt to drape the coat over your arms and still look chic as ever.

This is just part one of our fashion ideas, so do look out for part two coming out real soon! 

Photographer: Smitten Pixels

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