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Style Tips: Model Off Duty

Posted: Sep 30 2014

Some of us dream about looking like models on the runway - and that's not a highly unreasonable desire! Who doesn't want to possess model-esque height and looks whilst strutting down looking absolutely phenomenal right?

Sadly, this is most likely not going to happen to a majority of us; but that doesn't mean we have anything to cry about! So what if we cannot be angels on the stage? We can still take a lending style hand from models when they are off duty! Here's Eunice Annabel teaching ushow to look equally gorgeous in our own mortal threads!

Since models are constantly in high end couture dresses, it's no wonder that they now opt for easier going outfits such as rompers when they head out on their usual day outings. As seen in our previous post, rompers allow for ease of style and extreme comfort.

Geck Geck rocked our Standing Bloom Origami Romper in her own cute fun way, but here's how to pretty it up like Eunice! Throw on a pair of colored mirror aviators for a new dimension of coolness and to add more liveliness to the outfit. Instead of sneakers, opt for strappy sandals in metallic hues. It doesn't hurt to add some beach waves to your hair too for that girly glamour.

You don't have to be limited to one pieces when it comes to rompers though! Feel free to play around. Playsuits are also quite in fashion right now - and they're really great to have because you can split them up to wear with any top or bottom you might prefer! When worn together, it's equally fashionable! Really a win-win situation; plus, doesn't our Weekend Romantic Playsuit look just adorable? It comes in both White and Black so you can feel free to take the monochrome of your choice!

Accessories can done any way you like with this ensemble, really. You might want to go with a gold-toned watch or jewelry to really off set the black, and you can even opt for a long chained necklace. Don't get overly fancy though because you don't want to distract attention away from the pretty lace! A bag like our upcoming City Chic Bag is a good call because of its classy design and simple choices of color.

However, despite the beautiful romper designs above, we are definitely not saying that models ONLY wear rompers and matching playsuits out after work! Some days do call for mix-and-matching; but what is really the ingredient to getting it all right together without looking like you stepped out of a whirlpool of clothes?

The trick is just using ONE accented piece of clothing and then matching it with simpler styles. Take our Quarterback Girl Slouchy Knit for example! It's brighter hue is prettily matched with some stripes, so that's going to be attention grabbing as it is. Tone it down with our Little Folds Origami Shorts. There are interesting details, but still kept to a minimum so neither are clashing.

This concept applies to many types of outfits. Out upcoming Ace of Aztec Pants may look flashy and overwhelming to some, but it doesn't have to be at all! A plain top like our Hearts on Fire Bralet is easy to match and pulls the whole outfit together with pizzazz! Some people might think these pants belong in the 80's and should stay there, but be brave and show your futuristic take on it.

If aztec-printed bottoms are too much for you no matter how you look at it, then maybe a crop top is in order. Our Graphic Waves Cropped Top in Pink is definitely fun and exciting, and you just need a pair of black pants to go with it. The Billowed Away Pants seems like a perfect match with it, but don't hold back on other items! A flowy maxi skirt is also going to look stunning.

Besides prints being accents, colors can play a role too. Specifically, color-blocking. That means a few colors are complemented together in a scheme in a particular piece of clothing so that it can look almost like a pattern. This Parallel Dreams Knit Top is a great illustration of that.

The colors look amazing together; they are subtle and have just that faint feel of autumn about it. In Singapore, you can choose to wear it with leggings if the weather is too hot. Otherwise, you can even take it with you overseas, and match it with a trench coat, knitted scarf, jeans, high cut boots, and you will be the epitome of elegance and fashion wherever you go; that's a promise.

Finally, we have the cutest piece saved for last! Here's to show how you can put your own color-blocking twist on things by incorporating that idea with different layers of single-colored clothes!

Our Cutting Corners Cropped Top adds edge to the outfit with a cute triangular cut out in the middle, and is made even cuter when a comfy Living Monochrome Blazer is thrown on top of it. Suddenly everything looks very street chic! You can wear denim cut off shorts with it or jeans with some sneakers and the look is complete. 

So there you have it, it's as simple as A-B-C isn't it? With the right style and matching of clothing, everyone is a model in their own right!

Photographer: Smitten Pixels

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