Hollyhoque's Resort 2015
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Hollyhoque's Resort 2015

Posted: Oct 21 2014

The pre-season known as "Resort" has always been rather ambiguous. Whilst some take it literally to mean palm trees and beaches, others may feel entirely differently. After all, every designer has their own idea and take on what it should be, so it's a little hard to pin down.

On one end of the spectrum, this isn't a bad thing at all as that just leaves us with more choices, greater flexibility, and the chance to own a bigger wardrobe.

On the other, too many options can be quite a headache as well. Hence, Hollyhoque has decided to narrow down the plethora of trends down to the Top Five here for your convenience.

Kick starting with the Bright Botanicals, this is one trend we see lasting for awhile. Florals have existed for as long as fashion has, and it's no wonder why. With florals on our clothes, accessories no longer become necessary. Plus, with the right color scheme, a floral patterned outfit has the ability to make you look younger and livelier as well. Our Rosy Outlook Romper is one great example of that. Wear it with simple flats and a metallic clutch to let the colors of the outfit pop out on its own.
Dots are another great way to experiment with patterns! Be it spread out apart evenly or clustered together, the simple print definitely livens up any outfit! Doesn't hurt that it looks extremely cute as well! The best part is that these dots aren't limited in any way. You can wear them on a top, on bottoms, dresses, or even outerwear.
Take out our Over Dots in Love Knit with you wherever you go, and watch heads turn! We've paired it here with our upcoming Flatter of Fact Shirt and Fold Me Pretty Shorts, but feel free to play it up however you wish.
Jumpsuits are the lazy girl's go-to for looking sophisticated with as little thought to outfit as possible. Have you ever seen anyone look sloppy in a jumpsuit!? It's practically impossible! The best part is really requiring almost no effort at all. With a patterned Jumpsuit like our Fest of Florals Jumpsuit in particular, all you need is a pair of wedges to complete the whole look. Jewelry isn't even needed unless you want to go all out dressy.
Who says sheer has to look trashy? Those who do clearly don't know how to do it right. With the right design, sheer clothes can look super chic with just a hint of flirty! Our Maven of Moxie Top is sheer enough to be playful, but also modest enough to leave it to the imagination! With its interesting details, it will definitely be catching eyes, but hardly in any unwanted manner. Pair it with an origami skirt for an extra unique factor and keep your makeup minimal!

Nauticals will always be in - be it Resort season or not. Play up the sophistication level by matching our Nautical Sailorette Top with In Full Swing Midi Skirt for that touch of femininity.Since everything is kept rather simple, slip in red lipstick for a great sailorette combination of red, white and blue! Don't forget some cute booties to go along with the outfit. 

Model Pictures and Credits to: Fashionista.com

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