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Fashion Staple: The White Shirt

Posted: Oct 30 2014

We've all heard the phrase that 'Old is Gold', and its easy enough to understand it in general terms - but what about in fashion?

When it comes to clothes, 'old' isn't quite the word, so we use 'classic' instead - and as far as classic pieces go, nothing is more eternal than a white shirt. Whether it is used for the office, for dates, or even casual days out, the white shirt's versatility knows no ends.

Today, we'll show 5 ways to wear this gem of a fashion piece, with our very own Essence of Classic Shirt, and how you can dress it up wherever you go.

White shirts and jeans are a classic. You've seen this combo on super models, both on the runway and off, and it looks superb doesn't it? That's because less is truly more, and this look combines an easy-going feel with great sophistication. All you need is the right pair of jeans to suit your body shape (high waist ones for longer bodies, hipster ones for shorter bodies, boyfriend jeans for a boyish figure, etc) and a bag like our Peak of Chic Tote to pull it altogether.

Denim doesn't have to be limited to just the bottoms though. Use our Double Trouble Denim Vest (if you have one with studs, go ahead!) to create a biker chick look and put it together with our Love Muse Origami Skorts. Relive your youthful playful days with this outfit; or if you're already a bubbly teenager, then go ahead and make the best of what you've got!

Should you not want to wear the white shirt alone, then throw it over a top inside. If you want a higher contrast against the white, the top worn inside can be dark tone, and then matched with patterned bottoms such as the Snakeskin Siren Shorts. Since this is a much more laid back look, you can go with shorts and sandals, or sneakers if you prefer.

Another classic ensemble is the knit over a white shirt, and you can use knits with interesting details like frilly hems such as our Frilled Allure Knit above. Some white shirts have a mandarin collar, but a standard one would be better so the pointed ends sit over the neckline of the knit nicely. This gives a nice juxtaposition of clothing and adds another dimension. If you're in cooler weather, go ahead and match this with skinny jeans tucked into leather boots for a sexy travel vibe.

Now, white shirts aren't limited to just being worn on their own. Like the look above, you can even opt to take the shirt off and tie it around our Fit for Frolicking Slit Dress - much like the way plaid shirts are used nowadays. It's really a whole new world of possibilities, especially when you can adjust the thickness/length of the white shirt around your waist (simply by folding it up).

So there you go, 5 very cool and different ways to play with your favorite white shirt! There are about a gazillion more styles to try out, so go ahead and experiment to your heart's content.


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