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Work, Blog and Play with HP Pavilion x2

Posted: Nov 21 2014

In today's world, it's a given that technology is something we all cannot live without. Be it on our phones, work computers, tablets, we all need it to keep in touch with friends, on task with duties as well as keep on schedule! At the same time, however, a laptop bag slung over one's shoulder, a tablet in one's arm and a phone in another, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Thank goodness for all of us then, that the HP Pavilion x2 has arrived just in time to do away with such an issue ever occurring. And if you're wondering just show it fits into our daily lives, here are some ways to integrate this versatile piece of technology!

For those who find themselves constantly commuting from place to place, don't be afraid to take it out with you even on work meetings because its size is sure to be able to fit into your work or handbag easily. Since it "travels like a tablet" and "works like a laptop", you will find that this gadget works perfectly on the go.

Though this tablet cum laptop may be small, measuring at only 10 inches long and approximately 0.4inches in depth, it still packs a punch in the work department. It not only comes with full PC Capability and Pre-Installed Office 365 for higher productivity, its powerful Quad Core Intel Processor can keep up with the most demanding tasks while preserving battery life up to 11 ¾ hours with its speed and responsiveness; this is something which a lot of us can definitely appreciate especially when we want to head out without the burden of our chargers. 

As a blogshop owner, I know I definitely love the fact that this allows me to handle clothes orders and reply emails even when I'm out of office. Since I heavily rely on mobile technology, I keep a lot of my data on my hard disk and the fact that I can plug it in as and when is a great plus!

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy after all, so don't feel that the HP Pavilion x2 is solely for business! When you're about to wind down and relax, simply detach the soft keyboard as you wish and use it as a tablet! Things can get very hectic with work, so I do need to remind myself to take a step back too.

And when that time comes, I really enjoy using the tablet version to sit back and watch some videos! So I simply tap on the keyboard button at the bottom when I reach Youtube, let the keyboard appear, then type in the show I wish to watch! The HD screen just makes everything look ten times better, and we all know how important it is to have the great viewing experience right?

As a blogger, one of my favorite things about this tablet cum laptop is how easily I can include it in my OOTDs on Instagram! In honesty, most OOTDs take time to curate – depending on location, time of day, outfit and pose. However, since the HP Pavilion x2 looks so pretty no matter how you include it, it really makes things easier when I’m out and about and suddenly find the perfect location to take a photo. I can just carry it in my arm and the colorful stand up case just brightens up the whole picture!

The stand up case isn’t just great for photos though, I really love how I can flip it out anytime anywhere to start doing my blog posts! On top of that, the detachable keyboard comes with the tactility of a real keyboard so I do not feel weird or uncomfortable when I have to churn out my posts. I like that I do not have to take time to get used to it as well.

So there you have it – this all-in-one gadget is truly the answer to our prayers in this modern world where we are all so technically centered! I cannot be more thankful and happy to have it!

Now here’s your chance to own this gorgeous gadget for yourself! We will be choosing ONE very lucky winner, and all you have to do is:

  1. Create your own Instagram flatlay (examples above) of what you would take to Work or Play
  2. Include AT LEAST one Hollyhoque apparel and/or accessory inside
  3. Tag Hollyhoque in your Instagram photo
  4. Hashtag #HHWorkPlayBlog and #HHootd in your caption
  5. Like the HP Singapore and Hollyhoque Facebook page

The photo with the most likes will be chosen*! :) Contest ends on 30th November!

*If found out that the likes are purchased, the post will be automatically disqualified.

All the best babes!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by HP

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