Beauty Carousel x Hollyhoque (Lookbook + Giveaway!)
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Beauty Carousel x Hollyhoque (Lookbook + Giveaway!)

Posted: Dec 17 2014

Christmas has been the favorite holiday of the year for many people, and for a long time. It's not hard to figure out why! The year is ending, school is out, offices are getting more relaxed, and everyone is just enjoying the cool(er) weather. Then, of course, there is the plethora of parties to attend during this time of year, and we know how some of you are just cracking your heads over what to wear and how to look. 

Thus, us over at Hollyhoque, with the help of Beauty Carousel, have created three beautiful looks you can take with you for different occasions - be it for a casual lunch, a dressy dinner, or a glamorous party! :)

First, we have a more natural look for lunch time dates! We know it might seem weird for some to be overly dressed up when it's probably a gathering at a simple cafe, so we've put together our Gleams Come True Romper in festive colors with makeup that is more played down. After all, brighter clothes do lend their own touch of color to our faces as well!

On our model, we've applied these items
(click on name to link to product page):

4) Beauty Blender Green Micro Mini Makeup Sponge

As you can see, we've mainly focused on concealing with bases such as the BB Cream and concealer for the undereyes. When it comes to a natural "barely there" look, flawless skin is a must! We then blend it in with the green Beauty Blender, which is tinier than the regular sized one, but great for blending in undereye concealer and just dabbing at the corners! Then we play up the eyes subtly with single-sided eyelid tape and just some eyeliner.

Above, we show you just how well the AB Single Eye Tape works! :) You can use it above makeup, which is just awesome because we know it can be difficult sometimes to apply eyeshadow over eyelid tapes or the tape can hinder the way eyeliner will be applied. Well, worry no more! As you can see, the tapes are so well hidden no one can tell they are there! And just say hello to bright beautiful eyes instead.

The second look we've got lined up is for those dinner parties out with your family or friends! This one is a lot more dressy than the previous one, as you can see. The Layered Luxe Lace Dress just screams classy, and the best way to match it is by making sure those peepers shine big and bright, along with some cheek highlight and contouring. 

On our model, we've applied these items
(click on name to link to product page):

Since this is more of a night-out look, foundations are normally better since their formulas are made to be longer wearing and also better at covering up any imperfections. Use the Beauty Blender Pro to really blend it in seamlessly and look absolutely flawless!

The double sided eyelid tape is great for those who want a deeper crease and higher lid! Afterall, pictures speak a thousand words and our before/after should more than show you how wonderfully it performs! :) Almost invisible once you put it in and you can feel free to put your make up over without worry that it will come out! Wave goodbye to your hidden eyelids with this gem indeed.

Our final look is for those of you happening night birds who are ready to get their partying on! ;) Be assured that once you walk in with our What a Tease Dress, al eyes will definitely be on you! Match it up with a statement necklace of any kind (we've given you two ideas above), and you've got a winning outfit. As for makeup, we've decided to tone it down, and instead just focus on a matte complexion and nicely defined eyes.

On our model, we've applied these items
(click on name to link to product page):

When it comes to the eye liquid, which is basically glue, we actually suggest putting it FIRST before any other makeup on top. It sits best on bare skin. Thereafter, feel free to continue with your BB cream or foundation by patting it in with your Beauty Blender and finishing it off with some matte powder. If you're going out in the night, the last thing you need is shine after all!

 The glue holds extremely well so don't be afraid of your makeup causing it to slip or be less tacky. As seen above, it still allows sufficient space for eyeliner to be drawn on and the glue is difficult to detect as well. We would suggest the glue out of the rest, when it comes to partying, because it would be the strongest even if you sweat whilst dancing the night away! ;)

- - - 

Here is some extra background information regarding the different brands shown for our above lookbooks.


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Beauty Carousel is a online beauty store based in Singapore which carries K-Palette, Beautyblender, Automatic Beauty, and many more popular brands!

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- - - 

And since it's Christmas and the season of giving.. we will be giving away ONE SET EACH (CLOTHES INCLUDED*) as shown to THREE LUCKY WINNERS! :)

*clothes are subject to availability of color and size

Steps to Win:
1) The contest will be held on Instagram, with each look posted.
2) Simply comment on your favorite look (preferably only choose one) and say why you love it!
3) Then tag 3 friends to join in the fun as well and comment too!
4) All commentors must be following @hollyhoque on Instagram
5) Also, follow Beauty Carousel and Hollyhoque on Facebook as well!

It's very simple, so just look out for our Instagram posts coming up very soon!

Contest will beheld from 17 Dec (Wednesday) - 21 Dec (Sunday) and winners will be announced on the 22nd!
All winners can proceed to collect their prizes from our Hollyhoque Store at Orchard Gateway #B2-02 from the 23rd December, Tuesday onwards! :)

Best of luck to all of you, and we hope this post has been useful to all of you who want to plan your Christmas looks!

If you should want any of the items shown, you can also head to to purchase.

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