Too Cool for School x Hollyhoque (Giveaway!)
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Too Cool for School x Hollyhoque (Giveaway!)

Posted: Dec 22 2014

December is truly a month of celebrations, what with Christmas coming up and everything. However, we know some people who might suffer some blues once all the Jingle Bells have been rocked and it's back to the work grind... and instead, we are here to remind all of you that there's still New Years Eve! :) Sure, it may not be as hyped up as Christmas, but that does't mean the parties and dinners are any less exciting or grand!

There is, after all, the much talked about countdown and the clinking of glasses and kisses across cheeks once the clock hits 12, and we know all you girls will want to look nothing but glamorous at that point of time. Hence, we've collaborated with Too Cool for School to guide all of you through a Step-by-Step look in lieu of this big day.

First, you will want to begin with a cleansed face. Be sure to tone and moisturize as well because there is still no foundation in the market that can ever be as good as really healthy skin! Toning and moisturizing well will also ensure smoother skin and tighter pores which will lend to a flawless look. Then remember to apply sunblock over your skin to block out horrid UV rays which cause dark spots and aging. The Jean George Llong Sunblock rates at a whopping SPF50+ PA+++ which will be sure to keep your complexion well protected. Along with its amazing mattifying effect which keeps sweat and oil at bay, your makeup will last perfectly well the whole day!

Moving on to base makeup, our top choices are the Dinoplatz U.F.O (a multibox with BB foundation cushion, concealer, pore balm and lip and cheek tint) and the Sienna Silky BB Pact which gives a sleek HD skin texture. The Dinoplatz U.F.O comes greatly recommended from us, because it just saves so much space in your party clutch, so feel free to bring it out to your New Years Eve parties in case of touch ups. The concealer is especially handy when it comes to last minute spots, which we know are real mood killers! 

Don't forget to apply concealer onto your dark rings as well. Though it may not seem like a big difference to some, simply applying the concealer in a V-shape under the eyes (yes, even up to the border of your cheeks) will really brighten up your whole visage and erase all your tiredness and fatigue away. Having concealer around your eyes also acts as a base which will help your eyeshadows and eye makeup appear more vibrant and last longer.

Next, is a very very important step in all makeup regimes - eye makeup. Specifically, the eyebrows. A lot of people think that shaping eyebrows is sufficient enough when it comes to dressing up - but they leave out actually shaping, defining and darkening as well. By having properly filled in eyebrows with the use of Glam Rock Brow Express (a complete brow kit that comes with a eyebrow gel primer, 2 eyebrow powders and 3 brow brushes), your whole look automatically becomes more refined and classy.

Adding a touch of eyeshadow with the Artclass Colors-for-All Multi Paint Cream in #Cream Nudy all over the lids makes the eyes appear wider. Having overwhelmingly dark eye makeup isn't necessarily always the way to go. If you want a simple look that enhances the shape of your eyes, a simple nude eyeshadow is enough to add a glow. The slight sparkle also makes it more alluring and attractive.

As they say, our eyes are the windows to our souls; remember to frame them with just the right touch of eyeliner and mascara. The Dinoplatz High-Line (gel pencil) in #7 Charcoal is what is called a magic stick with the perfect color. Nothing too black that can be hard for beginners, as the stronger colors tend to be more unforgiving, this grey-tinged eye pencil adds the proper amount of drama without going over the top. Draw your eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible as this also gives an illusion of volume to your eyelashes.

Then lengthen your eyelashes with the Double Long Lash Shaper which is a 2-in-1 Macara with a curved shaped brush for upper lashes and triangular skinny brush for lower lashes. For those who want  dolly-like eyes, feel free to go over your lower lashes; otherwise, having fluttery upper lashes is all you need to really look amazing.

The final touches come in the form of blush and lip color, but let's focus on the cheeks first. Using ArtClass Impasto in #Pink gives your face a natural color and lasts the whole day. It is so extremely smooth and goes across your skin with little to no effort at all. Simply pat it in lightly for better adherence, and be assured that it will last you the whole day or night out. We really love how the color is so buildable, so you can decide if you'd like a more rosy glow or a natural after-exercise flush. 

The Korean ombre lips look has been a craze for a long time now, and you can achieve that look with this Glossy Blaster Tint in #Giddy Rose for that just-bitten pink on your lips. Just like the blush, the color for this tint is extremely buildable. Apply one coat all over your lips thinly first as a base, then centralize application and color in the middle after for a gradient effect. 

There you go, the look is all finished now! If you would like loose waves as our model has here, you can bun your hair up the night before and go to sleep with it to wake up with nice easy curls. A little hair product in the morning can also hold it better.

Doesn't she look absolutely radiant and beautiful? Well you can look the same way too! Too School and Hollyhoque will be giving away 5 Sets of the much raved about Glossy Blaster Tint in Merry Tangerine and ArtClass Impasto in Pink (as seen on model above).

Here's How to Win:
1) The contest will be held on Instagram.
2) Simply comment on the image and leave ONE of your New Year Resolutions
3) The top 5 Resolutions will win the prize! :)
4) All commentors must be following @hollyhoque and @toocoolforschoolsg on Instagram
It's very simple, so just look out for our Instagram posts coming up very soon!

Contest will beheld from 22 Dec (Monday) - 27 Dec (Saturday) and winners will be announced on the 28nd!

All winners can proceed to collect their prizes from our Hollyhoque Store at Orchard Gateway #B2-02 from the 29th December, Monday onwards! :)

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