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HH Collection: 286 Lookbook

Posted: Mar 23 2015

We might be just one person, but that doesn't mean we are restricted to one type of outfit. After all, with different days we get different moods and want to dress up accordingly. So here's some ideas on how to best match some of our latest clothes designs!

Out-on-a-date Girl

Girls heading out on dates always want to look their best, but time doesn't always permit that. So instead of thinking of how to match your clothes, just slip in to our Dapper in the City Romper and put on our Glam and Wow Earrings to look effortlessly beautiful, and be effortlessly punctual.

Outdoorsy Girl

If you're an outdoorsy type of girl, our Tying the Knot Shorts would be perfect for you! Cute, quirky, and comfortable - you're sure to look fabulous even on the run. Don't forget to match it with our Wonderland of Whimsy Watch and Fabulous Foliage Hairclip which will add the perfect touches to your outfit.

Biker Chic Girl

If you're the biker chic type of girl, then our Alluring Daydream Top in black might just be your favorite color! That doesn't mean you can't put bright little touches here and there, such as with our Model of Minimalism Necklace.

Pastel-Loving Girl

Pastel-loving girls give off the impression of utmost sweetness, and our Bookread Afternoon Dress just makes them look even cuter! If this description suits you, go ahead and throw in our Flowery Veranda Hairband to your look. Be warned, tons of people will want to just pinch those adorable cheeks of yours!

Cozy Cafe Girl

If you're the kind of girl who loves lounging around in cafes sipping chai lattes, then our Joyful Flourish Knit will be the perfect accompaniment. Simply slip on our Posh Pendulum Necklace to pull the whole look together.

Well we've taught you 5 ways to dress it up, why don't you give it a shot and find out how it goes? ;)

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