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Simply Knit

Posted: Nov 25 2017

As the weather turns chilly, you know you Simply Knit our new drop of arrivals!
It's no secret that even the best-dressed girls love to dress themselves in
slouchy knit wear to counter the rainy days.
The Browyn Stripe Knit Top (Malt, Navy), with its colour contrast stripes and
loose fit design, serves just that purpose.
Team this top with a pair of tights to stay fashionably toasty!
Cuddle and snuggle in the Pandora Fuzzy Knit Sweater
(Dusty Lilac, Ivory, Pink, Sunshine) for maximum comfort with minimum fuss.
Indulge in happiness with the candy colours this sweater has to offer!
Scallop-trimmed at its neckline, sleeves and hemline,
the Sidney Eyelet Knit Pullover (Cream, Dust Green, Malt) is a sight to behold.
From movie theatres to indoor shopping trips and everything in between,
this pullover will keep you warm and effortlessly stylish at the same time!
Spotting two pockets to prove its functionality, you will not regret adding the
Hartley Oversized Knit Pullover (Ivory, Malt, Olive) to your arsenal of knits.
The versatility of this outerwear speaks for itself as you go about
matching it with any ensembles to take you occasions.
If the Kyna Plaid Skirt (Grey, Khaki) sets your heart aflutter,
you are definitely not alone! The perfect corporate wardrobe updater,
pair this darling of a skirt with a fitted top to exhibit office chic.
The Palermo Knit Hoodie (Black, Caramel, Grey, Malt, Blue)
comes with a hoodie, two functional pockets,
drawstring and curvature slits at the sides.
Besides the attention to detail that speaks of a winning combination,
you know this thinly knitted outerwear will last you through
months and years, no matter the weather!


  • Posted by Joyce on November 28, 2017


    Can hollyhoque The Palermo Knit Hoodie without the hoodie ? haha it seem big to have a hoodie behind but i think is very nice to have just palermo knit wear to go outdoor :) is just my option :)

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