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About Us

The name Hollyhoque is derived from the flower, Hollyhock, and is also pronounced as such. Sheila, the brainchild behind the brand, chose it because it signifies both fruitfulness and luxuriance.


At first glance, Hollyhoque’s logo may look like a normal “H”; upon closer scrutiny, perhaps, one will then come to realize there are 2 H’s, one capital and the other small. However, not many are aware just how much more there is to it! Beautifully written and lovingly created, the design actually includes Sheila’s initial (S) and her boyfriend’s (J), of whom co-manages the blogshop. On top of that, the numerals 4 and 2008 are also very subtly and ingeniously incorporated into the logo, as Hollyhoque launched its very first collection sometime in April 2008.


The letters are written in a straight stroke to symbolize Hollyhoque’s smooth-sailing journey, and are also purple in color to represents fulfillment and inspiration.


The duo’s ideals for Hollyhoque remains steadfast since its humble beginnings: Hollyhoque will and shall be every girl’s dream wardrobe updater with weekly themed launches at wallet-friendly prices. Carrying an extensive range of today’s fashion with uniquely manufactured items attached with our very own in-house label as well as an array of apparel sourced from all over the world, Hollyhoque aims to cater to the fashion savvy.


After having relinquished the livejournal platform, Hollyhoque has been ever growing and expanding – it not only nestles happily in the era of the with pride and joy, it also has a flagship store in Singapore’s most bustling shopping area, Orchard. You may locate it at Orchard Gateway #B2-02, and can arrive there through Somerset’s MRT station.

As always, we hope your shopping experience with us will be pleasant and enjoyable! :)

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