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Hollyhoque, pronounced as “Holly-Hock” is derived from the name of a flower, Hollyhock, which literally translates into "fruitfulness”. At a glance of Hollyhoque's logo lovingly designed by its brainchild, Sheila, it may not strike a chord that apart from Hollyhoque's initials, Hh, it includes her initial (S) and her boyfriend's (J), who co-manages the blogshop.   

Having launched its very first collection sometime in April 2008, the numerals 4 and 2008 are also ingeniously incorporated into Hollyhoque’s logo. The logo is written in a flush straight stroke in the hope that Hollyhoque's journey will be one that is smooth-sailing! To complete the marvellous logo, the colour purple signifies seeking fulfillment and is associated with inspiration.

The duo's ideal for Hollyhoque remains steadfast since its humble beginnings: Hollyhoque shall be every girl's dream wardrobe updater. With weekly themed launches aimed generally at fashion forward 16-35 year olds, Hollyhoque carries an extensive range of today's fashion at wallet-friendly prices. Hollyhoque’s apparels largely consists of uniquely manufactured items carrying its very own in-house label and many other items sourced from practically all over the world!

AfteR having relinquished the livejournal platform and now nestling in the era of dot com with pride and joy, Hollyhoque is coveting the new chapter with anticipation as it brings a plethora of self-manufactured items to satiate its fans, and  at the same time, redefine fashion on a whole new level!

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