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  • HH Collection: 286 Lookbook

    Posted 23 March 2015

    We might be just one person, but that doesn't mean we are restricted to one type of outfit. After all, with different days we get different moods and want to dress up accordingly. So here's some ideas on how to best match some of our latest clothes designs!

    Out-on-a-date Girl

    Girls heading out on dates always want to look their best, but time doesn't always permit that. So instead of thinking of how to match your clothes, just slip in to our Dapper in the City Romper and put on our Glam and Wow Earrings to look effortlessly beautiful, and be effortlessly punctual.

    Outdoorsy Girl

    If you're an outdoorsy type of girl, our Tying the Knot Shorts would be perfect for you! Cute, quirky, and comfortable - you're sure to look fabulous even on the run. Don't forget to match it with our Wonderland of Whimsy Watch and Fabulous Foliage Hairclip which will add the perfect touches to your outfit.

    Biker Chic Girl

    If you're the biker chic type of girl, then our Alluring Daydream Top in black might just be your favorite color! That doesn't mean you can't put bright little touches here and there, such as with our Model of Minimalism Necklace.

    Pastel-Loving Girl

    Pastel-loving girls give off the impression of utmost sweetness, and our Bookread Afternoon Dress just makes them look even cuter! If this description suits you, go ahead and throw in our Flowery Veranda Hairband to your look. Be warned, tons of people will want to just pinch those adorable cheeks of yours!

    Cozy Cafe Girl

    If you're the kind of girl who loves lounging around in cafes sipping chai lattes, then our Joyful Flourish Knit will be the perfect accompaniment. Simply slip on our Posh Pendulum Necklace to pull the whole look together.

    Well we've taught you 5 ways to dress it up, why don't you give it a shot and find out how it goes? ;)
  • Crease-free Clothes Everyday with Philips! (Giveaway!)

    Posted 13 January 2015

    We are back today to introduce something really cool to all of you. We know many of you have purchased clothes from us, seen our previews on Facebook and scrolled through tons of our shoots on Instagram. However! Not all recognize and understand what really goes on behind the scenes.. and we'll let you in on something: A LOT OF WORK IS NEEDED! 

    Sorting through the clothes for a launch may be one thing, but ironing all of them is quite another! So having a reliable steamer that works efficiently is a must-have for us. Luckily, we got to test drive the Philips DailyTouch Garment Steamer which made ironing a breeze! But don't just take our word for it in these few sentences, let us introduce more to you below.

    The Philips DailyTouch Garment Steamer is designed for easy crease removal every day. Just hang your clothes in the integrated hanger and see how quickly steam releases the creases while going over with the steamer head.

    It comes with a variety of amazing product features such as an integrated adjustable pole that not only matches your comfortable height for easier ironing but is also collapsible for storage. The large water tank fills up for 30 minutes of ironing, which really is impressive seeing as the XL steam plate allows for quick effective results and maximizes time usage. Don't worry about your clothes falling off the hanger as well since it comes with clips to ensure that your apparels hang through the course of ironing and also do not crease.

    It is also safe for all kinds of material, including silk! And if you are worried about burning your hand, the garment steamer comes with a glove as well for those who are more concerned. :)

    If you all recalled, we once gave out vouchers to purchase the DailyTouch Garment Steamer (which was valid from 1-27 Dec 2014) at an amazing discount; and if you don't, the voucher is above for your referral. :) For those who haven't purchased theirs yet though, do not worry because we've got an amazing giveaway for you instead! 

    Here's all you need to do:
    1) Share the Philips DailyTouch Garment Steamer giveaway promo picture we have on Facebook.
    2) Comment on why you'd like to win it.

    The contest starts today, 13th January, and will run till 18th January.
    The winner will be revealed on 19th January, Monday. :)

  • Too Cool for School x Hollyhoque (Giveaway!)

    Posted 22 December 2014

    December is truly a month of celebrations, what with Christmas coming up and everything. However, we know some people who might suffer some blues once all the Jingle Bells have been rocked and it's back to the work grind... and instead, we are here to remind all of you that there's still New Years Eve! :) Sure, it may not be as hyped up as Christmas, but that does't mean the parties and dinners are any less exciting or grand!

    There is, after all, the much talked about countdown and the clinking of glasses and kisses across cheeks once the clock hits 12, and we know all you girls will want to look nothing but glamorous at that point of time. Hence, we've collaborated with Too Cool for School to guide all of you through a Step-by-Step look in lieu of this big day.

    First, you will want to begin with a cleansed face. Be sure to tone and moisturize as well because there is still no foundation in the market that can ever be as good as really healthy skin! Toning and moisturizing well will also ensure smoother skin and tighter pores which will lend to a flawless look. Then remember to apply sunblock over your skin to block out horrid UV rays which cause dark spots and aging. The Jean George Llong Sunblock rates at a whopping SPF50+ PA+++ which will be sure to keep your complexion well protected. Along with its amazing mattifying effect which keeps sweat and oil at bay, your makeup will last perfectly well the whole day!

    Moving on to base makeup, our top choices are the Dinoplatz U.F.O (a multibox with BB foundation cushion, concealer, pore balm and lip and cheek tint) and the Sienna Silky BB Pact which gives a sleek HD skin texture. The Dinoplatz U.F.O comes greatly recommended from us, because it just saves so much space in your party clutch, so feel free to bring it out to your New Years Eve parties in case of touch ups. The concealer is especially handy when it comes to last minute spots, which we know are real mood killers! 

    Don't forget to apply concealer onto your dark rings as well. Though it may not seem like a big difference to some, simply applying the concealer in a V-shape under the eyes (yes, even up to the border of your cheeks) will really brighten up your whole visage and erase all your tiredness and fatigue away. Having concealer around your eyes also acts as a base which will help your eyeshadows and eye makeup appear more vibrant and last longer.

    Next, is a very very important step in all makeup regimes - eye makeup. Specifically, the eyebrows. A lot of people think that shaping eyebrows is sufficient enough when it comes to dressing up - but they leave out actually shaping, defining and darkening as well. By having properly filled in eyebrows with the use of Glam Rock Brow Express (a complete brow kit that comes with a eyebrow gel primer, 2 eyebrow powders and 3 brow brushes), your whole look automatically becomes more refined and classy.

    Adding a touch of eyeshadow with the Artclass Colors-for-All Multi Paint Cream in #Cream Nudy all over the lids makes the eyes appear wider. Having overwhelmingly dark eye makeup isn't necessarily always the way to go. If you want a simple look that enhances the shape of your eyes, a simple nude eyeshadow is enough to add a glow. The slight sparkle also makes it more alluring and attractive.

    As they say, our eyes are the windows to our souls; remember to frame them with just the right touch of eyeliner and mascara. The Dinoplatz High-Line (gel pencil) in #7 Charcoal is what is called a magic stick with the perfect color. Nothing too black that can be hard for beginners, as the stronger colors tend to be more unforgiving, this grey-tinged eye pencil adds the proper amount of drama without going over the top. Draw your eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible as this also gives an illusion of volume to your eyelashes.

    Then lengthen your eyelashes with the Double Long Lash Shaper which is a 2-in-1 Macara with a curved shaped brush for upper lashes and triangular skinny brush for lower lashes. For those who want  dolly-like eyes, feel free to go over your lower lashes; otherwise, having fluttery upper lashes is all you need to really look amazing.

    The final touches come in the form of blush and lip color, but let's focus on the cheeks first. Using ArtClass Impasto in #Pink gives your face a natural color and lasts the whole day. It is so extremely smooth and goes across your skin with little to no effort at all. Simply pat it in lightly for better adherence, and be assured that it will last you the whole day or night out. We really love how the color is so buildable, so you can decide if you'd like a more rosy glow or a natural after-exercise flush. 

    The Korean ombre lips look has been a craze for a long time now, and you can achieve that look with this Glossy Blaster Tint in #Giddy Rose for that just-bitten pink on your lips. Just like the blush, the color for this tint is extremely buildable. Apply one coat all over your lips thinly first as a base, then centralize application and color in the middle after for a gradient effect. 

    There you go, the look is all finished now! If you would like loose waves as our model has here, you can bun your hair up the night before and go to sleep with it to wake up with nice easy curls. A little hair product in the morning can also hold it better.

    Doesn't she look absolutely radiant and beautiful? Well you can look the same way too! Too School and Hollyhoque will be giving away 5 Sets of the much raved about Glossy Blaster Tint in Merry Tangerine and ArtClass Impasto in Pink (as seen on model above).

    Here's How to Win:
    1) The contest will be held on Instagram.
    2) Simply comment on the image and leave ONE of your New Year Resolutions
    3) The top 5 Resolutions will win the prize! :)
    4) All commentors must be following @hollyhoque and @toocoolforschoolsg on Instagram
    It's very simple, so just look out for our Instagram posts coming up very soon!

    Contest will beheld from 22 Dec (Monday) - 27 Dec (Saturday) and winners will be announced on the 28nd!

    All winners can proceed to collect their prizes from our Hollyhoque Store at Orchard Gateway #B2-02 from the 29th December, Monday onwards! :)
  • Beauty Carousel x Hollyhoque (Lookbook + Giveaway!)

    Posted 17 December 2014

    Christmas has been the favorite holiday of the year for many people, and for a long time. It's not hard to figure out why! The year is ending, school is out, offices are getting more relaxed, and everyone is just enjoying the cool(er) weather. Then, of course, there is the plethora of parties to attend during this time of year, and we know how some of you are just cracking your heads over what to wear and how to look. 

    Thus, us over at Hollyhoque, with the help of Beauty Carousel, have created three beautiful looks you can take with you for different occasions - be it for a casual lunch, a dressy dinner, or a glamorous party! :)

    First, we have a more natural look for lunch time dates! We know it might seem weird for some to be overly dressed up when it's probably a gathering at a simple cafe, so we've put together our Gleams Come True Romper in festive colors with makeup that is more played down. After all, brighter clothes do lend their own touch of color to our faces as well!

    On our model, we've applied these items
    (click on name to link to product page):

    4) Beauty Blender Green Micro Mini Makeup Sponge

    As you can see, we've mainly focused on concealing with bases such as the BB Cream and concealer for the undereyes. When it comes to a natural "barely there" look, flawless skin is a must! We then blend it in with the green Beauty Blender, which is tinier than the regular sized one, but great for blending in undereye concealer and just dabbing at the corners! Then we play up the eyes subtly with single-sided eyelid tape and just some eyeliner.

    Above, we show you just how well the AB Single Eye Tape works! :) You can use it above makeup, which is just awesome because we know it can be difficult sometimes to apply eyeshadow over eyelid tapes or the tape can hinder the way eyeliner will be applied. Well, worry no more! As you can see, the tapes are so well hidden no one can tell they are there! And just say hello to bright beautiful eyes instead.

    The second look we've got lined up is for those dinner parties out with your family or friends! This one is a lot more dressy than the previous one, as you can see. The Layered Luxe Lace Dress just screams classy, and the best way to match it is by making sure those peepers shine big and bright, along with some cheek highlight and contouring. 

    On our model, we've applied these items
    (click on name to link to product page):

    Since this is more of a night-out look, foundations are normally better since their formulas are made to be longer wearing and also better at covering up any imperfections. Use the Beauty Blender Pro to really blend it in seamlessly and look absolutely flawless!

    The double sided eyelid tape is great for those who want a deeper crease and higher lid! Afterall, pictures speak a thousand words and our before/after should more than show you how wonderfully it performs! :) Almost invisible once you put it in and you can feel free to put your make up over without worry that it will come out! Wave goodbye to your hidden eyelids with this gem indeed.

    Our final look is for those of you happening night birds who are ready to get their partying on! ;) Be assured that once you walk in with our What a Tease Dress, al eyes will definitely be on you! Match it up with a statement necklace of any kind (we've given you two ideas above), and you've got a winning outfit. As for makeup, we've decided to tone it down, and instead just focus on a matte complexion and nicely defined eyes.

    On our model, we've applied these items
    (click on name to link to product page):

    When it comes to the eye liquid, which is basically glue, we actually suggest putting it FIRST before any other makeup on top. It sits best on bare skin. Thereafter, feel free to continue with your BB cream or foundation by patting it in with your Beauty Blender and finishing it off with some matte powder. If you're going out in the night, the last thing you need is shine after all!

     The glue holds extremely well so don't be afraid of your makeup causing it to slip or be less tacky. As seen above, it still allows sufficient space for eyeliner to be drawn on and the glue is difficult to detect as well. We would suggest the glue out of the rest, when it comes to partying, because it would be the strongest even if you sweat whilst dancing the night away! ;)

    - - - 

    Here is some extra background information regarding the different brands shown for our above lookbooks.


    One of the best-selling brands in Japan and Taiwan, Automatic Beauty has converted 9 out of every 10 Japanese and Taiwanese double eyelid tape user. Not sure whether double eyelid tapes work on you?

    You will be happy to know @automaticbeauty now offers FREE Samples!

    Simply visit www.beautycarousel.com/redemption to redeem up to 3 types of samples



    Known for its high-performance liquid eyeliners and eye pencils, K-Palette has received much hype over the years, being highly recommended by beauty editors and makeup artists. Follow @kpalette_sg now for more beauty tips and giveaways!



    beautyblender® is a revolutionary makeup sponge applicator with 360 degrees of usable surface for creating absolute complexion perfection. This five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner is ergonomically designed to meet your makeup needs.



    Beauty Carousel is a online beauty store based in Singapore which carries K-Palette, Beautyblender, Automatic Beauty, and many more popular brands!

    For all Hollyhoque customers, simply enter promo code “Hollyhoque” to get 15% off all regular items

    Get your beauty haul from www.beautycarousel.com now


    - - - 

    And since it's Christmas and the season of giving.. we will be giving away ONE SET EACH (CLOTHES INCLUDED*) as shown to THREE LUCKY WINNERS! :)

    *clothes are subject to availability of color and size

    Steps to Win:
    1) The contest will be held on Instagram, with each look posted.
    2) Simply comment on your favorite look (preferably only choose one) and say why you love it!
    3) Then tag 3 friends to join in the fun as well and comment too!
    4) All commentors must be following @hollyhoque on Instagram
    5) Also, follow Beauty Carousel and Hollyhoque on Facebook as well!

    It's very simple, so just look out for our Instagram posts coming up very soon!

    Contest will beheld from 17 Dec (Wednesday) - 21 Dec (Sunday) and winners will be announced on the 22nd!
    All winners can proceed to collect their prizes from our Hollyhoque Store at Orchard Gateway #B2-02 from the 23rd December, Tuesday onwards! :)

    Best of luck to all of you, and we hope this post has been useful to all of you who want to plan your Christmas looks!

    If you should want any of the items shown, you can also head to http://www.beautycarousel.com/ to purchase.

  • Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!

    Posted 05 December 2014

    Many people shy away from colors, especially a mish mash of them, because they believe they look better in neutrals, or they are just too afraid to stray from what they are used to. This is common and, in fact, quite the norm, but we are here to show you how incorporating light and bright colors will only serve to enhance your look!

    If light colors isn't an area you want to venture too quickly into, then take a baby step with light denim. Denim is universally well liked and it's hard to go wrong or look bad. Take our Take the Plunge Denim Dress for example! It is sweet in the front with adorable buttons and a pleated skirt, but the back cut out offers an added dimension to the whole outfit! Even simple clothes can be amped up in such little ways, and you can take advantage of that! This will lessen your need for accessories and will just require cute shoes!

    Light tones can also be inserted through patterns and graphics. Our Petal Expert Dress is a great option for those who don't feel comfortable in a single light color and think that they can look too pale. It's also great that the designs are big and spread across so it doesn't look too heavy or messy! The flowers are feminine with just a touch of tropical, and the lovely flowing midi also helps pull the whole look together! Take this chance during the cooling Christmas season to stroll around and feel ever so enchanting!

    Florals can come in all shapes and sizes, so if the above ones may be too big and you might like smaller scattered ones, why not opt for our Indigo Gardens Dress? It's pretty skater skirt bottom coupled with a peekaboo effect at the back just screams all around cute! When you carry it with our Refined Radiance Clutch (which doubles as a sling bag), the outfit is instantly completed and you're ready for a night out!

    You've heard of the phrase 'Pretty in Pink', so why not embrace it? It's already proven to make you look great! Check out how great the Petit Garden Party Romper looks when matched with similar colored shoes and a pretty Style Symposium Sling Bag in grey! And if you think the romper is simply a mixture of florals with pastels, you're wrong because its actually textured with lace! Added with the illusion of a skirt in front, this ensemble just exudes a graceful and delicate charm.

    However, if you're not quite ready to take the plunge yet, well here is another method. You could throw some lights in with darks and emerge with a gorgeous array of colors in our Dreamy Day Romper. The brush strokes are so beautifully spread across and the front flap in front as well as the cut ins at the back really creates a great figure! The angular feel is more edgy chic and great for both day and night wear.

    So as you can see, colors are really nothing scary at all. When used correctly, they will definitely be to your advantage. Colors are also a great way out on lazy days where you want to go minimal on everything else! Consider this your fashion cheat, and you will thank us for it!

    Photographer: SmittenPixels

  • Work, Blog and Play with HP Pavilion x2

    Posted 21 November 2014

    In today's world, it's a given that technology is something we all cannot live without. Be it on our phones, work computers, tablets, we all need it to keep in touch with friends, on task with duties as well as keep on schedule! At the same time, however, a laptop bag slung over one's shoulder, a tablet in one's arm and a phone in another, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

    Thank goodness for all of us then, that the HP Pavilion x2 has arrived just in time to do away with such an issue ever occurring. And if you're wondering just show it fits into our daily lives, here are some ways to integrate this versatile piece of technology!

    For those who find themselves constantly commuting from place to place, don't be afraid to take it out with you even on work meetings because its size is sure to be able to fit into your work or handbag easily. Since it "travels like a tablet" and "works like a laptop", you will find that this gadget works perfectly on the go.

    Though this tablet cum laptop may be small, measuring at only 10 inches long and approximately 0.4inches in depth, it still packs a punch in the work department. It not only comes with full PC Capability and Pre-Installed Office 365 for higher productivity, its powerful Quad Core Intel Processor can keep up with the most demanding tasks while preserving battery life up to 11 ¾ hours with its speed and responsiveness; this is something which a lot of us can definitely appreciate especially when we want to head out without the burden of our chargers. 

    As a blogshop owner, I know I definitely love the fact that this allows me to handle clothes orders and reply emails even when I'm out of office. Since I heavily rely on mobile technology, I keep a lot of my data on my hard disk and the fact that I can plug it in as and when is a great plus!

    But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy after all, so don't feel that the HP Pavilion x2 is solely for business! When you're about to wind down and relax, simply detach the soft keyboard as you wish and use it as a tablet! Things can get very hectic with work, so I do need to remind myself to take a step back too.

    And when that time comes, I really enjoy using the tablet version to sit back and watch some videos! So I simply tap on the keyboard button at the bottom when I reach Youtube, let the keyboard appear, then type in the show I wish to watch! The HD screen just makes everything look ten times better, and we all know how important it is to have the great viewing experience right?


    As a blogger, one of my favorite things about this tablet cum laptop is how easily I can include it in my OOTDs on Instagram! In honesty, most OOTDs take time to curate – depending on location, time of day, outfit and pose. However, since the HP Pavilion x2 looks so pretty no matter how you include it, it really makes things easier when I’m out and about and suddenly find the perfect location to take a photo. I can just carry it in my arm and the colorful stand up case just brightens up the whole picture!

    The stand up case isn’t just great for photos though, I really love how I can flip it out anytime anywhere to start doing my blog posts! On top of that, the detachable keyboard comes with the tactility of a real keyboard so I do not feel weird or uncomfortable when I have to churn out my posts. I like that I do not have to take time to get used to it as well.

    So there you have it – this all-in-one gadget is truly the answer to our prayers in this modern world where we are all so technically centered! I cannot be more thankful and happy to have it!

    Now here’s your chance to own this gorgeous gadget for yourself! We will be choosing ONE very lucky winner, and all you have to do is:

    1. Create your own Instagram flatlay (examples above) of what you would take to Work or Play
    2. Include AT LEAST one Hollyhoque apparel and/or accessory inside
    3. Tag Hollyhoque in your Instagram photo
    4. Hashtag #HHWorkPlayBlog and #HHootd in your caption
    5. Like the HP Singapore and Hollyhoque Facebook page

    The photo with the most likes will be chosen*! :) Contest ends on 30th November!

    *If found out that the likes are purchased, the post will be automatically disqualified.

    All the best babes!

    Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by HP

  • Getting Ready for Prom!

    Posted 20 November 2014

    As girls, we normally have a few fairytale dreams revolving around dances thanks to Walt Disney. We cannot help but wish for glittery ballrooms, a prince to sweep us off our feet and, most importantly, the perfect dress. However, since Singapore doesn't quite have fairy Godmothers or castles - we make do with our own version of a fairytale dance: Prom. Over at Hollyhoque, we understand how big a day it can be for some of you, and this we've made a list of dresses to wear and have for that special event!

    First off, we have a dress suited for the sweet side of you - our Got an Eye-let on you dress. The willowy structure coupled with the subtle eyelet running down the center and waistline of the dress accentuates your femininity and literally let's you swish around gracefully. Wear it in mint for an extra sprig of liveliness, and match it with simple earrings and heels.

    If you love lace and crochet, then opt for our Lace Du Jour Dress. We assure you it's like nothing you'll set your eyes on. Though it's cutting is babydoll, the quality material and texture makes you nothing but womanly. Let your hair cascade down curls in this piece, and simply add a touch of pearl earrings to finish the look.

    However, not all of you may like structured tiers and that's alright! Why not try our Delight in Decadence dress? With it's soft silky feel and high neckline, it emanates class on every level. It also has an elasticized waistband for added figure. Slip on peeptoe heels and a thick bangle before you head out.

    For those about to rock the night away instead, then do it in our Ready to Rollick dress! We are definitely loving it's cool patterned base and how it flares out to give such a cool vibe! Don't be afraid to amp up this look in red hot lips and sky high heels! You'll be ready to go from ballroom to dance floor in a jiffy.

    We hope this list will help all you lovelies out no matter what your preferences might be! :) remember, the night belongs to you, so don't be afraid to shine!

    Photographer: SmittenPixels

  • Fashion Staple: The White Shirt

    Posted 30 October 2014

    We've all heard the phrase that 'Old is Gold', and its easy enough to understand it in general terms - but what about in fashion?

    When it comes to clothes, 'old' isn't quite the word, so we use 'classic' instead - and as far as classic pieces go, nothing is more eternal than a white shirt. Whether it is used for the office, for dates, or even casual days out, the white shirt's versatility knows no ends.

    Today, we'll show 5 ways to wear this gem of a fashion piece, with our very own Essence of Classic Shirt, and how you can dress it up wherever you go.

    White shirts and jeans are a classic. You've seen this combo on super models, both on the runway and off, and it looks superb doesn't it? That's because less is truly more, and this look combines an easy-going feel with great sophistication. All you need is the right pair of jeans to suit your body shape (high waist ones for longer bodies, hipster ones for shorter bodies, boyfriend jeans for a boyish figure, etc) and a bag like our Peak of Chic Tote to pull it altogether.

    Denim doesn't have to be limited to just the bottoms though. Use our Double Trouble Denim Vest (if you have one with studs, go ahead!) to create a biker chick look and put it together with our Love Muse Origami Skorts. Relive your youthful playful days with this outfit; or if you're already a bubbly teenager, then go ahead and make the best of what you've got!

    Should you not want to wear the white shirt alone, then throw it over a top inside. If you want a higher contrast against the white, the top worn inside can be dark tone, and then matched with patterned bottoms such as the Snakeskin Siren Shorts. Since this is a much more laid back look, you can go with shorts and sandals, or sneakers if you prefer.

    Another classic ensemble is the knit over a white shirt, and you can use knits with interesting details like frilly hems such as our Frilled Allure Knit above. Some white shirts have a mandarin collar, but a standard one would be better so the pointed ends sit over the neckline of the knit nicely. This gives a nice juxtaposition of clothing and adds another dimension. If you're in cooler weather, go ahead and match this with skinny jeans tucked into leather boots for a sexy travel vibe.

    Now, white shirts aren't limited to just being worn on their own. Like the look above, you can even opt to take the shirt off and tie it around our Fit for Frolicking Slit Dress - much like the way plaid shirts are used nowadays. It's really a whole new world of possibilities, especially when you can adjust the thickness/length of the white shirt around your waist (simply by folding it up).

    So there you go, 5 very cool and different ways to play with your favorite white shirt! There are about a gazillion more styles to try out, so go ahead and experiment to your heart's content.

  • Hollyhoque's Resort 2015

    Posted 21 October 2014

    The pre-season known as "Resort" has always been rather ambiguous. Whilst some take it literally to mean palm trees and beaches, others may feel entirely differently. After all, every designer has their own idea and take on what it should be, so it's a little hard to pin down.

    On one end of the spectrum, this isn't a bad thing at all as that just leaves us with more choices, greater flexibility, and the chance to own a bigger wardrobe.

    On the other, too many options can be quite a headache as well. Hence, Hollyhoque has decided to narrow down the plethora of trends down to the Top Five here for your convenience.

    Kick starting with the Bright Botanicals, this is one trend we see lasting for awhile. Florals have existed for as long as fashion has, and it's no wonder why. With florals on our clothes, accessories no longer become necessary. Plus, with the right color scheme, a floral patterned outfit has the ability to make you look younger and livelier as well. Our Rosy Outlook Romper is one great example of that. Wear it with simple flats and a metallic clutch to let the colors of the outfit pop out on its own.
    Dots are another great way to experiment with patterns! Be it spread out apart evenly or clustered together, the simple print definitely livens up any outfit! Doesn't hurt that it looks extremely cute as well! The best part is that these dots aren't limited in any way. You can wear them on a top, on bottoms, dresses, or even outerwear.
    Take out our Over Dots in Love Knit with you wherever you go, and watch heads turn! We've paired it here with our upcoming Flatter of Fact Shirt and Fold Me Pretty Shorts, but feel free to play it up however you wish.
    Jumpsuits are the lazy girl's go-to for looking sophisticated with as little thought to outfit as possible. Have you ever seen anyone look sloppy in a jumpsuit!? It's practically impossible! The best part is really requiring almost no effort at all. With a patterned Jumpsuit like our Fest of Florals Jumpsuit in particular, all you need is a pair of wedges to complete the whole look. Jewelry isn't even needed unless you want to go all out dressy.
    Who says sheer has to look trashy? Those who do clearly don't know how to do it right. With the right design, sheer clothes can look super chic with just a hint of flirty! Our Maven of Moxie Top is sheer enough to be playful, but also modest enough to leave it to the imagination! With its interesting details, it will definitely be catching eyes, but hardly in any unwanted manner. Pair it with an origami skirt for an extra unique factor and keep your makeup minimal!

    Nauticals will always be in - be it Resort season or not. Play up the sophistication level by matching our Nautical Sailorette Top with In Full Swing Midi Skirt for that touch of femininity.Since everything is kept rather simple, slip in red lipstick for a great sailorette combination of red, white and blue! Don't forget some cute booties to go along with the outfit. 

    Model Pictures and Credits to: Fashionista.com

  • Dress to Impress

    Posted 08 October 2014

    Printed dresses may be intimidating for a lot of people, and that's quite understandable! To a lot of people who are used to monochromes or simple hues, prints may even come across as awfully scary.

    However, don't let prints overwhelm you, because you'll just be closing yourself off from a world of amazing possibilities.

    Prints can be loud, yes, but they can also complete an outfit. With patterns, you can even forgo accessories or too much makeup - so in that sense, they can actually be very forgiving! With the right color matching and tones, they can even brighten up your skin and look! Here are some ways you can pull off prints for any occasion and day.

    If casual dressing is what you normally go for, then opt for our Dazzling in Daytime Dress. The material is so comfortable, it feels like a second skin! Beautifully arrayed with flowers all over, you are sure to look like a modern forest nymph. The best part is the silouhette, because it is so flattering; body hugging on the top and softly flared at the bottom, you can be assured to walk down the street feeling nothing short of beautiful. 

    For those who love large florals and a trumpet skirts, opt for our upcoming Romantic Resplendence Dress. It wraps the body in comfortable neoprene, and offers an hourglass figure as well - that's got to be a win win situation. All you need is to tong your hair, throw on some mascara and bold lip gloss and leave the house. If you're wearing this out on a date with your beloved, you are assured to bowl them over with your stunning looks!

    Midi dresses and florals are hot this season: so what happens when you combine the two? Well, you get something as gorgeous as the Tropicana Holiday Dress of course. Accompanied with a square neckline that accentuates the collarbones, this is one piece to keep in your wardrobe. It can be played down with sandals and a ponytail for picnic outings, or dressed up with heels and a handbag for a night out in town with the girls.

    Let's not forget about Maxi Dresses. Though they are a little harder to pull off as you would typically need the height to do so, it doesn't mean that all hope is lost. Sure, alteration may be one method, but you could also wear some comfy wedges! They not only give the illusion of height, but can also make your body seem willowy and model-esque! With the Hot to Tropic Maxi Dress, your headaches about what to bring on a sunny holiday will be gone! Happy prints with bright colors make sure you steal the show and look nothing but amazing!

    Photographer: SmittenPixels

  • Style Tips: Model Off Duty

    Posted 30 September 2014

    Some of us dream about looking like models on the runway - and that's not a highly unreasonable desire! Who doesn't want to possess model-esque height and looks whilst strutting down looking absolutely phenomenal right?

    Sadly, this is most likely not going to happen to a majority of us; but that doesn't mean we have anything to cry about! So what if we cannot be angels on the stage? We can still take a lending style hand from models when they are off duty! Here's Eunice Annabel teaching ushow to look equally gorgeous in our own mortal threads!

    Since models are constantly in high end couture dresses, it's no wonder that they now opt for easier going outfits such as rompers when they head out on their usual day outings. As seen in our previous post, rompers allow for ease of style and extreme comfort.

    Geck Geck rocked our Standing Bloom Origami Romper in her own cute fun way, but here's how to pretty it up like Eunice! Throw on a pair of colored mirror aviators for a new dimension of coolness and to add more liveliness to the outfit. Instead of sneakers, opt for strappy sandals in metallic hues. It doesn't hurt to add some beach waves to your hair too for that girly glamour.

    You don't have to be limited to one pieces when it comes to rompers though! Feel free to play around. Playsuits are also quite in fashion right now - and they're really great to have because you can split them up to wear with any top or bottom you might prefer! When worn together, it's equally fashionable! Really a win-win situation; plus, doesn't our Weekend Romantic Playsuit look just adorable? It comes in both White and Black so you can feel free to take the monochrome of your choice!

    Accessories can done any way you like with this ensemble, really. You might want to go with a gold-toned watch or jewelry to really off set the black, and you can even opt for a long chained necklace. Don't get overly fancy though because you don't want to distract attention away from the pretty lace! A bag like our upcoming City Chic Bag is a good call because of its classy design and simple choices of color.

    However, despite the beautiful romper designs above, we are definitely not saying that models ONLY wear rompers and matching playsuits out after work! Some days do call for mix-and-matching; but what is really the ingredient to getting it all right together without looking like you stepped out of a whirlpool of clothes?

    The trick is just using ONE accented piece of clothing and then matching it with simpler styles. Take our Quarterback Girl Slouchy Knit for example! It's brighter hue is prettily matched with some stripes, so that's going to be attention grabbing as it is. Tone it down with our Little Folds Origami Shorts. There are interesting details, but still kept to a minimum so neither are clashing.

    This concept applies to many types of outfits. Out upcoming Ace of Aztec Pants may look flashy and overwhelming to some, but it doesn't have to be at all! A plain top like our Hearts on Fire Bralet is easy to match and pulls the whole outfit together with pizzazz! Some people might think these pants belong in the 80's and should stay there, but be brave and show your futuristic take on it.

    If aztec-printed bottoms are too much for you no matter how you look at it, then maybe a crop top is in order. Our Graphic Waves Cropped Top in Pink is definitely fun and exciting, and you just need a pair of black pants to go with it. The Billowed Away Pants seems like a perfect match with it, but don't hold back on other items! A flowy maxi skirt is also going to look stunning.

    Besides prints being accents, colors can play a role too. Specifically, color-blocking. That means a few colors are complemented together in a scheme in a particular piece of clothing so that it can look almost like a pattern. This Parallel Dreams Knit Top is a great illustration of that.

    The colors look amazing together; they are subtle and have just that faint feel of autumn about it. In Singapore, you can choose to wear it with leggings if the weather is too hot. Otherwise, you can even take it with you overseas, and match it with a trench coat, knitted scarf, jeans, high cut boots, and you will be the epitome of elegance and fashion wherever you go; that's a promise.

    Finally, we have the cutest piece saved for last! Here's to show how you can put your own color-blocking twist on things by incorporating that idea with different layers of single-colored clothes!

    Our Cutting Corners Cropped Top adds edge to the outfit with a cute triangular cut out in the middle, and is made even cuter when a comfy Living Monochrome Blazer is thrown on top of it. Suddenly everything looks very street chic! You can wear denim cut off shorts with it or jeans with some sneakers and the look is complete. 

    So there you have it, it's as simple as A-B-C isn't it? With the right style and matching of clothing, everyone is a model in their own right!

    Photographer: Smitten Pixels

  • Easy Styling Staple: Rompers

    Posted 25 September 2014

    Rompers are a style essential - and every girl, whether she owns one or not, knows that. Rompers are God's gift to women who want to wear a mini dress without the hassle of constantly adjusting their skirt lengths and having to sit in a confined position so as to not "let anything slip". With a pair of shorts at the end instead of a skirt, it's as though a world of possibilities (and comfort) opens up immediately.

    Hence, we should truly thank our lucky stars; not only for the fact that rompers exist though, but also for some of them being really prettily designed. After all, the design is pretty basic, so a little jazzing up here is there is of course necessary!

    Take this one, our Standing Bloom Origami Romper, for example! With chic pastel colors and a flattering cut, every one can have an hourglass body in an instant! The patterns are nothing short of eye catching as well and can take you from casual to formal depending on the type of accessories and bags you bring!

    Looking fun and cute isn't out of the question, clearly, as seen above! You can opt for sneakers or some loafers to achieve this look. Keep hair down and free-flowing with minimal makeup and a simple sling bag if you're looking for a day about town with your friends.

    If you're heading out for dinner at a posh restaurant, or a date perhaps, then you can go ahead with with a pair of wedges, a clutch and more elaborate makeup! The best part of an origami front is that it resembles a skirt, so heels won't look out of place!

    Here's a closer look at the breathtaking details of this romper! Palm and Leaf prints are totally in this season, so you definitely do not want to miss out on this. The unique color is even more enticing, and we promise it's something you'll enjoy wearing and taking wherever you go!

  • Sweater Weather Time

    Posted 22 September 2014

    In many other parts of the world, fall and winter is coming to pass. In Singapore though, we're just waiting for the haze to pass. Yes, the weather is getting kind of dreary and tempers are kind of frayed, but don't let that get in the way of your fashion!

    Over at Hollyhoque, we've prepared a range of happy colored sweaters just for you. This way, your wardrobe as well as your mood will be definitely livened up. 

    Take this upcoming Show Your Stripes Knit for example! With its bubbly color, you just cannot find it in yourself to be unhappy! Wear it with a cute pinafore dress or a skater skirt to look super cute! Don't forget to paint your nails with a wash of bright and throw on your favorite sneakers - the look just wouldn't be complete otherwise!

    If you find yourself simply unable to wear long sleeves, then incorporate the knits in a different way. A simple knit top put together with a flowing skirt should be enough to do the trick in keeping you cool! Our upcoming Graceful Lady Stripe Knit Dress is a perfect ensemble as such, and only needs simple accessorizing before heading out.

    For those with date nights and want a good balance between sultry and conservative, why not opt for our For Fur-ever Knit Tunic? Though it might look heavy on, it's insanely lightweight, breezy and comfortable! Up the oomph-factor by wearing sheer tights, or go with leather jeggings for extra edge. Throw on a scarf if you're not too much of an accessories person, and a Play the Party Chained Bag, because simple is the way to go with this one.

    Adding a touch of quirkiness and cheerfulness to corporate wear shouldn't be difficult either! Check out this On Cloud Shine Shirt that we've matched together with our Black Chandelier Necklace, Hold on Tight Midi Skirt and upcoming Crafter Dinner Knit Cardigan! Who says you cannot inject some fun into class?

    Now that you've mastered many ways to dress up some cool weather clothing, go out there and prove how much of a fashionista you really are!

    Photographer: SmittenPixels
  • Sweater Stylin' in Sunny Singapore

    Posted 17 September 2014

    Singapore, unlike many countries, survives on only one season a year – unless you want to count in the monsoon period. Hence, it’s sometimes a drag that we can’t layer and dress up during colder periods like others do.

    Fortunately, whatever cold weather that Singapore lacks in, it makes up with air conditioning in workplaces, shopping malls, and schools. This bodes well for us because it means we get to experiment with different types of outerwear without looking too crazy! ;)

    For instance, this upcoming A Keen Slate Checkered Shirt (Stocked at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) and knitwear combo would be great for those heading for lectures in really cold halls, or those wishing to dress down on Fridays at work! Simple, classy, easy to accessorize as well. A great plus is that you could either tie the knit over your shoulders, around the waist, or throw it over, and still look nothing short of fashionable.

    If you want to head out after work and want to be a little more dressy, then opt for a formal-inside and casual-outside look! You could wear Hollyhoque’s Line Drive Knit Top with our upcoming Work Finesse Slim Fit Pants (Stocked at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) alongside some heels, and then slip on a loose fit blazer when going out at night. This way, you’re a great balance between dressing up and down.

    This could also be a great option for those who want to strike that balance but don’t want quite so many layers. This Static Felicity Knit Top in Khaki with Pipe Down Culottes in White spell dressy without going overboard. You could throw on a straw hat for a boho vibe, or just match it with loafers and a chained bag for a dinner with friends.

    If you’re a great fan of color and do not want to be tied down by monochromatic knits, then go with a pop of color with this yellow Touch of Tranquil Knit Sweater (Stocked at Orchard Gateway #B2-02) draped over our Garden Florinda Jumpsuit in Azure Blue. You’ll stand out from the rest of the crowd, and look good doing it.

    These last few pieces are for the more daring ones who want to bring fall/winter fashion to Singapore and don’t mind just how they do it! A Good Girl Gone Plaid Coat so fashionably worn over a knit dress is easily envisioned on the streets of London and New York, so why not here too? Afterall, if it gets too warm, you can always opt to drape the coat over your arms and still look chic as ever.

    This is just part one of our fashion ideas, so do look out for part two coming out real soon! 

    Photographer: Smitten Pixels

  • Fashion for Tanned Skin

    Posted 05 September 2014

    Even though most women in Asia crave for fairness, one should not rule out the beauty in being tanned too. After all, facing the ever cruel sun and heat is a very real problem here on our Sunny Island; naturally, some of us turn up tanned even without realizing.

    Many have the misconception that fair skinned girls have all the fun when it comes to fashion. In actual fact, girls with tanned skins can wear a plethora of styles and colors as well! However, it is important to realize and understand just what kinds of tones match and how to pull them off – simply throwing on what might look good just isn’t enough!

    Today, we’ve lined up a few designs that suit tanned skin perfectly, and we will show you how to pull them off with the help of our beautiful model, Asyiha Ams!

    Now, some of you with darker skin tones may shy away to neutrals like black and white to keep safe, but you should actually embrace bright hues because they show up better against your complexion! In particular, those that fall within the warm color range such as red, orange and yellow are sure to look really good!

    For example, our A Keen Slate Dress in hot pink is definitely a hot number with its mesh hem, sensual neckline and origami flap! Look at how well it complements her skin tone! As you can see, shades within the warmer color spectrum really bring out your natural shine and make your skin glow.

    Don't forget about accessories though! The dress is a simple piece, so you could dress it up with a clutch or necklace that has warm tones to it too - such as our Sweet Illusion Necklace and To Dye For Clutch!

    If bright pink isn't your style, then go with this orange-hued one, our Make Me Blush Slip Dress, instead! It's a lot warmer, which would suit a wide range of skin tones as well. Notice how it is closer to the red spectrum, whilst bright pink is closer to the purple/blue spectrum! These have different effects on your skin - one can make you look cool-toned whilst the other is warm-toned.

    That's not to say that cooler colors such as green/blue have to be totally ignored! Not at all! You can still wear those, such as our All Flaired Up Dress, and rock them, but you can also up the ante by adding some warm colors (remember, they're on your side!) through accessories such as scarfs or hats! You can also add in warm colors through your make up such as red and coral lipsticks or blushers.

    Bright colors don't have to come in one definite form such as a single-toned dress! You can also opt for these bright tones with patterns - some can be subtle and some can be overwhelming, you decide which you're most comfortable in.

    Those who are more shy can go with a simple lace dress, such as our Lucy Sweetheart Lace Dress in Pastel Yellow. The patterns all over the dress are hardly overwhelming, and great for those who are more conservative! It allows you to inject that bit of girlyness into your outfit as well.

    If you're bolder, take that risk with our Galactic Odyssey Dress! Here is where you can have it all meshed together gorgeously with your cool colors and warm colors! You've just got to love the hints of red and yellow so cleverly thrown in for a great balance! It doesn't hurt especially when the dress has such a great cutting and looks so flattering as well!

    For accessories, a neutral toned bag such as black would be great in toning down the many colors. If you throw in another bright colored bag, it might come off as way too much.

    Here's an interesting piece to take with you to work! Our Portia Graphic Blazer is sure to get heads turning wherever you go! While Asyiha wears hers with our Breeze By Halter Jumpsuit in Red, you can always do it your way with a neutral color! Try white or black with it to allow the colors on the blazer to pop out! One very important thing to remember when pairing this blazer is that less is more so downplay everything else you wear and you will be safe!

    Casual days are no different, but perhaps you don't want to bring on such strong hues. Don't worry! With your skin tone, just pair simple clothing with metallic accessories! In the case above, you can wear mirror aviators out with some gold toned earrings and a chained bag! The patterns on your outfit can be kept minimalistic with our Stripe it Out Knit and some Back to Basics Jeans.

    If you rather the patterns on your bottoms rather than top, then opt for our Leilani Trumpet Skort instead. The details are so cute, and easy to pull off with a simple top! This time, instead of grey metallic sunglasses, you can wear colorful ones like this in blue, and throw on some silver bangles to complete everything. Keeping it clean isn't a bad thing at all!

    If you've got tanned skin and have been fretting over it, or always keeping to dark colors, we say it's time to throw those worries away and take on some risks! Welcome these great bright colors and we promise you won't regret them!

  • Hollyhoque's Mix and Match Sale!

    Posted 27 August 2014

    We girls love our sales don't we? There's nothing better than knowing you're getting a great offer on gorgeous clothes, and we here at Hollyhoque are more than happy to oblige to your shopping whims!

    Enter our Mix and Match Sale: perfect for those of you who have been saving up for some well-deserved spending! You get to pick FIVE items for just $40, how crazy is that!? A single piece eventually equates to just $8, and that's just too good to be true for some - so we've decided to create this post for all of you to read and see for yourself just how real it is! ;)

    First things first, let's indulge on some details for you beauties to read up and further understand the sale before heading down!

    There will be five categories of clothes for all of you to choose from:

    • White Label: $10
    • Green Label: $13
    • Blue Label: $16
    • Yellow Label: $20
    • Red label: $25
    Out of these FIVE categories, you will get to pick FOUR from the White/Green/Blue Range ($10-16) and ONE from the Yellow/Red Range ($20-25). Let us show you what you can expect from each of the categories for this awesome sale!
    *Do note that in the photos below, all 2-piece outfits are at the respective prices separately

    These are some of the pieces from the White Range (all going at $10) that will be available! First off the raglan tee is just the most adorable piece to put together with a skater skirt! Nothing spells schoolgirl chic the way this does! If you prefer something more dainty, then you can opt for the gorgeous floral dress! The V-neck detail along with the ribbon tied at the waist is so sweet - perfect for an afternoon cafe date. The black top and skirt ensemble on the far right is great for the office! All you need is a necklace to pull it all together.

    These three above are from the Green Range (all going at $13)! As you can tell, these are all gorgeous pieces, and you would be hard pressed to find a better deal elsewhere! The dress in the middle may be stunning, but the two outfits on the sides are equally noteworthy! The black top and white skirt ensemble is too pretty for words, and the red top with black skirt combo spells edgy without going overboard.

    Here is our Blue Range, with clothes going at $16 each! These one piece outfits will ensure that your headaches are lessened every time you go out! Each of them look amazing on their own, and you can choose to accessorize them any way you'd like. The best part is that even if you don't, you will still look great! The romper, in particular, is such a cute piece that you should not miss out on! Available in three colors, you will be spoilt for choice.

    Finally, we've saved the best for last! Here is what you can expect from the Yellow and Red Ranges ($20-25)! These are all hot recent releases that you know you just must get! If you've noticed, we've featured the Electric Botanic pants on the left before on Sherlyn Chan, and it was very much in demand! You definitely cannot miss this one! Our knits are also beautiful, as always! If you're the girly sort and like dresses and maxi skirts, we've got those in store for you too!

    If this post does not bring up enough anticipation and excitement in you, then let's throw in one more thing! Here's a contest you can join! FIVE lucky girls that share this picture above on Instagram and mention @Hollyhoque stands a chance to shop for FREE! ;) So don't go hesitating or waiting any longer because the sale is this weekend! Happy Instagramming and we hope to see you then!

  • Fashion for the Petite

    Posted 22 August 2014

    Being petite usually has it perks: you get mistaken for being younger than you actually are, you’re always going to be seen as cute, plus you can usually eat as much as you want and still stay pretty much the same size.

    But it’s not always smooth sailing, especially in the fashion department. Whilst three-quarter chinos look great on everyone else, they turn into long cargo pants on you. Fully covered maxi skirts turn into tube dresses, crop tops turn into full length tops, and the list goes on.

    However, not all hope is lost! After all, petite is just another word for “fun-sized”, and you can still get all the fun you deserve in these lovely Hollyhoque pieces!

    Let’s start off with this Natalie Slit Maxi Skirt in Black (also comes in grey), because there’s nothing better than a sexy cut to elongate your legs and make you look taller! We’re especially loving how the previous High School Musical Star has paired her skirt with a cropped top and lovely sun-bleached locks! In case you’re wondering, she’s only about 1.55 meters tall, but you can’t tell can you ;)

    You can also take an adventurous turn by putting this embroidered cape shirt on! Whilst Rachel Bilson’s version is more suited for winter, you can opt for a lighter texture like this one for Singapore’s heat and humidity! The petite 1.57 meters tall beauty opts for skinny jeans to elongate her body, and you can too with either jeggings or leggings!

    Reese Witherspoon has always been known for her adorable height at 1.56 meters, but she’s equally famous for her great sense of style! Look at how she wears her colorful shorts to dress up her plain tights during chilly weather with a long sleeve knit! You can do the same, or just wear the shorts with a simple top and some accessories.

    Moving on to the cutest printed knit you will ever lay your eyes on! Though Nicole Richie’s may be from Proenza Schouler, you can look equally stunning with this. Wear it with some leather skorts, a denim skirt, what have you, and you will still be eye-catchingly good looking! Just remember not to wear too many accessories – less is more in this case.

    Okay we are going to admit we kind of cheated with this one because Selena Gomez is about 1.65 meters tall, but it doesn’t mean she looks great in this just because of her height! In fact, our model Nicole stands at 1.55 meters herself and still looks pretty lovely herself. Wear it with some patterned pants or ripped jeans for that extra oomph on a date night out.

    We hope you have enjoyed our tiny fashion feature here and can't wait to see you back here again next time! :)

  • Hollyhoque's Must-Have Accessories: Sunglasses and Hats

    Posted 18 August 2014

    Ask anyone, men included, on the importance of accessories to women, and they’ll tell you it is almost vital. We just can’t live without our accessories the way a fish can’t live without water. Mind you, accessories aren’t limited to just jewelry by the way. On a sunny island like Singapore, hats and sunglasses are equally important to our style; and that’s where it’s down to us at Hollyhoque to bring in some choice ones for you to select from.

    We’ll kick start with this Cat Eye number shall we? A flattering shape on any face and a unique piece to keep in the stash! Perch this atop of your head or wear them, you’ll be sure to exude star quality! You don’t need to go all catwoman to prove you’re sexy anyway.

    Let’s move on to the classic aviator! These need no introduction: almost every celebrity on earth owns and rocks their own pair. It’s just one of those pieces that are designed to look great no matter who the wearer. This piece is in all black, which is just way cool. Match it with edgy jewelry and some colored eyeliner to bring out the danger-loving side of you!

    Next on, we have the gradient aviators, which are more fun and playful! You can match them with this really gorgeous upcoming Feel My Sunshine Knit, a bodycon midi and some cute Charlotte Olympia sandals! Really amp up your color choices with a bright watch even, but play down on your makeup. Some mascara, filled in brows, and a nude lip will be more than enough.

    The mirror aviators are really in nowadays! Blue and green are stunning, but it doesn’t mean this grey one loses out in any way. Shine bright like a diamond in these. The versatility of the color also means you get to mix and match it any way you’d like – be it with dark clothes or neon ones, the choice is yours to make.

    On to hats, this is one piece that you can’t miss out on. Look at how adorable it is when matched with other beach-loving essentials such as a bright colored tote, gold sandals and a cute sunscreen! If the beach isn’t the place of choice, then wear it with a sundress to a picnic instead.

    This piece screams Bruno Mars doesn’t it – it oozes his sexy charm, cooing voice and lovely tunes! Wear it to your favorite music festival for some extra feels. It not only shades you from the sun, it keeps you looking cool in all ways. You only need a simple dress, light makeup, and a spritz of musky perfume to pull the whole look together.

    I suppose now it’s easy to understand why accessories are that important, isn’t it? Details are what make and break outfits, so be sure to pull off an amazing one with our hat and sunglasses choices!

  • Work Casuals with Hollyhoque

    Posted 13 August 2014

    We all love Fridays don’t we? As young students, Fridays mean we are that much closer to the weekend. As teenagers, it meant that we were going to head out at night and have a wild time. As working adults though, Fridays are more sacred than those two combined. Fridays are days we are released from rigid corporate wear and allowed to express our sense of style in a more individualistic and comfortable way.

    Some of us may choose to dress all the way up, but some of us opt to dress down because it’s our day of unwinding. Doesn’t matter which, anyway, because Hollyhoque has got the whole range of “Work Casuals”, featuring our upcoming items, ready for you to pick and choose from.

    First, we have our Effortless Elegance Blouse for you to play up the way you’d like. You can choose to tuck it into a midi skirt for that classy touch, or wear it over patterned pants and colorful heels for some fun. Its loose billowing structure ensures maximum comfort whilst its unique neckline promises extra style points.

    For those with a penchant for knits, we’ve got three gorgeous ones in store for you. This is our Feel My Sunshine Knit in three colors that can be worn in such an array of ways! Be it bright and sunny, quirky, or comfy, you can put on this knit and be assured you look great regardless. Though they are heavily patterned, they are so easy to match with your staples, so you don’t have to scramble your mind too hard on Friday mornings.

    If luxury is the name of your game and you love your brands, then deck it up (literally!) in this Haute and Nautical Dress! Stripes are the perfect “plain” patterns to have and the easiest to dress up as well! Throw on your Chanel necklaces, Givenchy Heels and makeup then go paint the town red!

    This top just screams retro, and we love that it does! Imagine those disco lights, catchy tune, and just having some good clean fun! Now, take the 80’s with you wherever you go with this head turner. Those with warmer skin tones can go with the Red one, and those with cooler skin tones can go with the green. You can keep your accessories plain because your shirt will do all the work.

    Last, we’ve got the T-shirt dress. This is one favorite amongst those who just don’t like to bother too much on their last work day of the week. This is the short cut of all short cuts to looking good – all you need are the right accessories. With neutral colors like black, grey, white, you can go crazy with your color choices (which we know is what happens when we are just too lazy to think), and still walk out of your house looking nothing but impeccable.

    So, Friday is coming up soon girlies, so have you quite decided what your style will be? ;)

  • Hollyhoque Travels with Melissa Koh

    Posted 08 August 2014

    It’s starting to reach that season where all of us are dying to travel abroad, even just for a little while, isn’t it? More than half a year has passed by and some of us are starting to feel stagnant at work or in school, and so a holiday seems more than deserving!

    However, as with all kinds of travel, the biggest headache can come in the form of packing. It’s hard to discern what to wear and how to wear it, especially when we are adamant on looking good in holiday photos; not to fret though, because Hollyhoque has got you covered. Today we’ll be introducing some looks you can take with you to the city as well as the beach!

    Alongside this post, we also have the beautiful Melissa Celestine Koh to model in our pieces and show off just how gorgeous they can be!

    Starting off with our Modern City outfits, we will feature our Sakura Grace Cropped Top with Alyssa Pleated Neoprene Skirt first! Melissa wears hers in Mint, and looks all demure and feminine! The colors look so lovely against her fair skin and peach-colored lips.

    This is one piece that is perfect for date strolls along cities where you aim to go to as many precious cafes as possible, sit by The Seine perhaps, and enjoy the view with your loved one.

    If mint isn’t your type of color, then you could go with Black instead. Dress this up with bright reds on your lips and nails, then top it up with a bright clutch to offset the darkness of the clothes! You don’t have to add too many accessories, as the celebrities above show, because the dress is the main focus! At most, slip into some designer shoes to up your ante.

    Melissa struts around gracefully in our Fleur Teapart Dress in White, and shows just how the colors pop with that contrast! Do as she does and carry a black bag with a pop of color in her heels, or swap it out by wearing black heels and carrying a bright colored bag!  This is a great piece even if you’re travelling overseas for work because its knee-length and scoop-neck details are modest and can be worn with a blazer over.

    If you do opt for the Tiffany Blue, then you can play down the strong colors with some light nude trinkets such as a brown watch, a light pink handbag, or just a gold bracelet. If you still need that extra touch, then you can throw on some pink heels as an accent. Do remember though, with that many patterns, you don’t need to overdo your accessories: one or two is more than sufficient.

    The last one for our Modern City Theme would be our Endless Summer Maxi Dress, a lovely piece to take when you’re out from day to night because it’s cooling enough for afternoons and formal enough for night dinners! This piece is versatile enough for you to choose what you want to put on, be it a statement necklace, a large belt, or just a pair of dangly earrings.

    Melissa above wears Wine Red for that romantic touch, but you can also choose from our other options such as Cobalt Blue or Black.

    The black wins the no-brainer dress hands down because anything you wear will look good instantly! Take it from Jamie Chung and just wear nothing but red lipstick and carry a neon bag for that touch of class, go boho-chic like Rachel Zoe and wear a thick belt, straw hat and a beaded necklace, or just be completely casual with a tie-dye bag, sandals and a cropped denim jacket.

    Now that we’ve finished the first collection, let’s move on to the Beach Resort theme!

    This gorgeous number is our Frilli Vanilli Halter Playsuit in Rose! A happy vivacious pink that is sure to brighten up whichever beach you go to! A different take on beach wear, definitely, but new isn’t always bad isn’t it? You can even opt to just wear the skirt if you just want to walk around in a bikini top, the choice is always yours.

    If you’re not planning to wear this to the seaside or pool, that’s fine! This can also be worn out when you’re out and about town and want to keep as cool as possible. Kick on some espadrilles, perch a pair of mirror aviators atop your head and you’re all done! Getting ready has never been this easy.

    This combination has Los Angeles written all over it: imagine some sunglasses, roller skates and a soft serve in hand. Nothing better than that whilst in a top as pretty as our Rose and Cons Cropped Top and Arcade Afternoon High Waist Shorts: talk about comfort and style rolled into one! Melissa is definitely rocking the Light Blue and White combo, but you can always do something else.

    Try on purple for a more vibrant and fun outlook, or if you simply have tanner skin. This is sure to fit your golden tan and is so easy to match! We are really digging the look that Olivia Munn has, with wedges and a crossbody bag – so we recommend this cute-to-death pouch from Alice + Olivia and a more comfortable footwear option in the form of Charlott Stone’s Alice Sandal in Marbled Leather! Nobody said you couldn’t look fantastic whilst out in the sand.

    Now, we’ve got a sizzling hot number called Dreaming Pretty Lace Kimono for you, and doesn’t Melissa look absolutely stunning in it!? It is slightly sheer, just enough to lend some spice to your already hot bikini bod! Ditch those boring bathrobes and throw this on instead!

    If instead, you would like to wear it out with your friends then you could throw it on as a shrug as these celebrities have done above! Lily Collins opts for jeans and high wedges whilst Shenae Grimes and Kourtney Kardashian channel Coachella vibes in their loose tees and ripped denim shorts. Up the vampy vibe with this piece in Navy by applying some dark berry lipstick and dusty brown eyeshadow.

    We hope you loves have enjoyed this post, and would like to wish all of you a very happy National Day! Don't miss out on our new collection as well because it features the very gorgeous Dreaming Pretty Lace Kimono as shown above! Enjoy your well-deserved weekend! 

  • Freshkon x Hollyhoque Lookbook

    Posted 31 July 2014

    Freshkon is no new player in the contact lens market – reputed for their dependable and comfortable lenses, they have become renowned over 50 countries worldwide. This is in no way a small accomplishment, especially during a time where contact lenses have now become such a vital component in Asia’s beauty department.

    Gone are the times that contact lenses existed mainly to relieve the cumbersomeness of wearing glasses; now they are created to beautify the eyes, to make them larger, brighter, and more attractive. This is where Freshkon comes in with its well-known labels such as Alluring Eyes and Colors Fusion, introducing stunning colors and designs that are sure to leave you spoilt with possibilities.

    One very popular choice is Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown, which is made to match skin tones which range to Medium (Warm/Yellow-Golden) to Tan (Neutral/Tan-Based). Fashioned to give off a warm and friendly disposition, the browns are suitable for those who have just started working in a new environment, be it a job or school. Your eyes are assured to feel healthy and beautiful with their Hydro Micro-Insulation Technology and Oxygen Permeability Efficacy because of their easy-to-fit and no-curling-lens system as well as their 58% (1-DAY) and 55% (1-MONTH) water content.

    We have matched it with our Lace Case Bodycon Dress in black, and we think it would look great dressed up with neutral earthy tones and a bright lip color. This way, all the focus would be drawn to your lovely eyes and luscious lips. You can also choose to bring out the glow in your face with a good highlighter/illuminator.

    Another popular selection would be Freshkon Colors Fusion that come in both series of Sparklers and Dazzlers. The Sparklers have a well-defined outer ring and unique lens pattern within with custom color blends that ultimately make your eyes look radiant and sparkling with brilliant depth. The Dazzlers offer a wide variety of color options ranging from greys, browns to greens, and you can match them any way you’d like. They both come with 55% water content for optimal comfort and a hydrophilic (water-loving) surface for comfortable wear. Just like the Alluring Eyes lenses, they are also easy to wear with no curling lens problem.

    Out of these two ranges, we have chosen two colors of each to introduce to all of you! The first two are new Sparklers’ colors which are Blooming Pink and Glinting Brown! As you can see above, we will be starting with Blooming Pink, which is a subtle dusty pink that blends into the eyes and accentuates them in the most flattering way. The color is in no way overwhelming, so you do not have to worry about looking weird.

    We have coordinated this girly lens with our Innocent Love Strap Dress and some cheery matching pink items! To look positively blooming, do up the blush color slightly and opt for a berry pink lip! You may up the ante by including some purplish eyeshadow; if not, just add in some pink accessories like a bracelet or bag!

    As for Glinting Brown, we think you could spice things up! After all, you’re already “glinting”, might as well take it all the way with eclectic colors and quirky designs - and nothing encapsulates that better than our Portia Graphic Blazer! Lit up with bright yellows and greens, this is definitely a spin on the otherwise boring office staple.

    If you typically go to the office in black and white, why not take a change on Fridays and take this with you instead? You could still wear a black dress or top underneath, but let your outside shine like you deserve to. Don’t shy away from perky colors, embrace them instead! Take along a yellow clutch, a really cute pair of shoes, and glue on some funky eyelashes! You’re bound to draw stares, but that’s just the occupational hazard of being a star.

    Moving on to the Dazzlers, we decided to kick start the collection with the Perky Brown lenses! Though it’s brown, like the few others above, this one is more toned down and leans towards the sophisticated side: think café lounging with your beloved other, sipping on some lattes and just looking simply gorgeous at the same time.

    Since some cafes are Al Fresco, you could opt clothing that is a little more cooling like this Cerisse Bodycon Striped Dress and just tie a scarf around your neck of that added touch of class. Play down your makeup with CC Cream, brown-toned eyeshadows, some eyeliner, and a coral lipstick. You don’t need much to look absolutely divine.
    The last Dazzler is Misty Grey, which is a pretty match for all your romantic outings! Wear it with our Graphic Waves Cropped Top in Pink and a flouncy midi skirt to really exude femininity! Since you want your natural beauty to shine through, just focus on kissable lips, some mascara, light eyeshadow and clean eyeliner! You could also double up your tinted lip balm as a cheek color for that naturally healthy flush!

    This grey is also a good match for your darks, should you wish to dress it up with a black dress and some purples. It’s really that versatile, so it is definitely an added bonus for those who like to change their looks regularly!

    Are you feeling inspired by these moodboards yet to go get some of your own colored lenses? If so, well good news for you! :)
    For all purchases made in HH 255 and HH 256 (our upcoming collections!), a 1-for-1 voucher for Freshkon® cosmetic lenses will be given, so do look out for that! If you've seen any outfit here in particular that you like as well, do take a mental note too and we will see you over at www.hollyhoque.com!

    Sponsored Lenses: Freshkon Singapore

  • Travel Post: Sherlyn Chan

    Posted 25 July 2014

    Whilst Singapore may only offer us summer, Hollyhoque offers clothing options for more than one season! Our knits, in particular, are very popular because they come in so many forms as well. The thinner ones are perfect for the air-conditioned office or school environments, whilst the thicker ones suit colder climates during spring or autumn overseas.

    In fact, Sherlyn Chan, one of our resident featured girls rocks some of our knits during her holiday to Australia. As always, she pairs them up impeccably with the rest of her outfit, and we are just drooling over her amazing sense of style!

    P/S: For this post, we’ll be adding in some travel essential tips according to temperature and weather! Hope you’ll find them useful for your next trip! ;)

    Above she can be seen wearing our Woven Lovers Knit in Pastel Blue, and it also comes in Lavender and Pastel Yellow! It’s the perfect girly knit because of its sweet baby colors that go with about everything you can think of. If you like your denim jeans, go ahead. If you like checkered skater skirts like Sherlyn, feel free. If you like tights and nothing more, sure! The beauty of this knit lies in its versatility, so don’t hold back when experimenting what to wear with it!

    Sherlyn wears the Jagged Your Way Knit Sweater like a boss, and looks stunning despite the simple get up. All it takes it some good fitting denim jeans and a great pair of sunglasses to look like a celebrity! The Jagged Your Way Knit Sweater comes in many other colors as well, such as Mint, Black, and Lime too. These bright happy colors are sure to keep the blues away, whilst the material keeps the cold out.

    If you’re looking for a win win equation, then this would be it! We know most people travelling rate feeling good over looking good, but why not have both when all it takes to do so is just a gorgeous knit top?

    If these aren’t enough, then simply look through the plethora of choices we have at our store located at Orchard Gateway, B2-02! There’s also a 10% off storewide going on till the 31st of July, and we are sure you won’t want to miss out on that!

  • Fash-spiration: Taylor Swift

    Posted 17 July 2014

    Taylor Swift is no newbie to the music scene; she’s known internationally for her melodic tunes, catchy lyrics and, unfortunately, some nasty break ups here and there. However, music aside, she’s fast catching up to be one of America’s style icons. The street is like her own personal runway, and she’s always dressed to impress!

    This week, we take a look at Taylor’s amazing fashion sense and recommend some pieces for you to be as classy as this stylenista!

    Preppy Casual is a look that is effortless and yet so chic. If you’re simply heading out to catch a movie or to café hop, then this ensemble is perfect for it. Throw on a loose-fit collar top and tuck it into some high waist shorts or culottes for a semi-structured look, and add in some oxfords for that extra classy touch. You could throw on some bangles or a necklace to complete your outfit, then strut out of the house with your favorite tote bag.

    The next look is uber pretty and so perfect for romantic beach side dinners or evening picnics. Taylor rocks the bright florals with minimal accessories and a simple handbag. You too, can just put on some glittering studs in your ears, sling around a cross body bag and slip into wedges. It is easy to pull off and so comfortable to stay in. Good looks and great comfort? What a match!

    The School Girl Pretty look has been honed and perfected by the ladies on Gossip Girl – the best part being that they’ve actually taken it out from just school wear and brought it out on the streets! You can put your own spin on it by having a patterned knit instead of a monotone one and tuck it into a demure pleated skirt. You can choose to dress up by adding heels or dress down by kicking into them sneakers.

    Let’s not forget a fun bright look that will make you the talk of any town! Taylor brings a clean feel to her white cutout dress, but you can rock it in your own way! Throw out the boring colors and opt for this happy vermilion instead! It’s sure to add that extra rosiness to your complexion and bring out the free-spirited soul in you! Jazz it up with equally bright-colored heels and a statement necklace and you’ll be ready to paint the town red!

    If you’ve got a classy evening planned out to go to the theater to catch a play, then opt for this elegant number which mixes in just the right amount of sexy! Play down the flirtatiousness of a peephole sleeve cropped top with a long maxi skirt that has an appropriate slit height. If you are going to go with darker colors, do opt for livelier accessories like gold toned jewelry and a vibrant colored clutch.

    Now that you've got all these handy tips, go on out and traipse down the street like you own it! ;)
  • Interview with Bernadette Belle

    Posted 11 July 2014

    It is not every day we get to meet such a belle; and to meet the Belle of the Belles, well that’s even rarer!

    Introducing Bernadette Belle, the most recent winner of Turf Belle 2014, a contest held by Singapore Airlines International Cup. In case some of you are wondering – she didn’t name herself Belle because of the contest, it was just a very fortunate (and definitely accurate) coincidence!

    But enough of us talking, here’s the gorgeous darling and we will let her speak for herself.

    You are so beautiful! Are you of mixed blood?
    My family and I were all born in the Philippines but I am actually pure Chinese!

    Wow that’s so cool – so are you able to speak Chinese fluently?
    I am much better at Tagalog as opposed to Chinese *laughs*.

    So if you were born in the Philippines, how come you managed to take part in a Singapore based competition, Turf Belle 2014?
    Well I actually just got my Singaporean passport, so I am Singaporean now.

    Ah, and that must mean you’re studying here right?
    Yes I currently attend a private school here!

    Very very interesting! What made you join Turf Belle anyway?
    When I heard that there was gonna be free horse-riding lessons I couldn’t resist! I love creating new experiences and the Turf Belle offered just that.

    You are still so young, having only turned 20 recently. How do you feel about achieving so much already?
    A little conflicted actually… I really wanted to study overseas, but if I did, there wouldn’t be all these opportunities I have today. Singapore allowed me to enter into a world I never anticipated, so studying here has been a blessing in disguise.

    How do you look, and continue to look so good? Any tips?
    I don’t try so hard most days (unless work calls for it)! That being said, it’s all about grooming and putting in a little effort before leaving the house. I always focus on a full set of brows, as I shamefully have very little, and a clean face.

    Any favorite clothing brands?
    I’ve grown to love Blogshops – constantly checking up on Hollyhoque, The Velvet Dolls, and The Closet Lover! I also like Klarra’s vibe, but the store I’d always bring my friends to is The Editor’s Market at Cineleisure!

    Where do you get your fashion inspirations from?
    ELLE AUS is my favorite publishing magazine- I like it so much I even get accumulated issues of ELLE from Melbourne through some help! I love sourcing through blogs and tumblr for eye candy. Kenzas, Jenny Ong and Rumi Neely are my favorites!

    Besides modelling, what would your dream job be?
    Modelling is fantastic, especially its flexibility which accommodates to being a full-time student, but I wouldn't say it's something I will do going forward. I want to be an entrepreneur & an investor when I'm older. That's the dream.

    What is your favorite past time?
    My schedule's hectic most of the time (I'm a work-horse!). However, as of late, I've been watching the series Revenge a lot. I've also been watching Lord of the Rings on skype dates!

    How do you take the perfect OOTD?
    The secret is having a good photographer! *psst... Katelyn Chua

    Name us some of your wardrobe staples?
    Hollyhoque’s Quintessential Leather Tote, white Converse Sneakers, strappy sandals, black yoga pants, army anorak jacket, and my MK Gold Runway Watch.


    What are the top 5 things in life that you think are essential to happiness?
    1) Support from loved ones
    2) constant growth from putting yourself out there (new challenges are exciting)
    3) Forgiveness (towards yourself and others) as disappointment is ultimately inevitable
    4) Wisdom that allows you to find direction and not fall into a dark path
    5) lastly it’s learning not to give a hoot: lions do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

  • Trends for Summer Fashion and Makeup

    Posted 03 July 2014

    We know Singapore is Summer all year around but, for the sake of it, let’s pretend that this particularly scorching few months from June to August is the “real summer”. During this time, we are all tempted to wear as little material as possible, so as to avoid melting under the Sun’s evil glare; at the same time, we know it’s hardly possible to go everywhere in just a tank top and shorts.

    Thus, we have chosen some beautiful key pieces for you to wear in all sorts of situations, and added in makeup inspirations for you to match ! Here’s how you can feel cool whilst looking so very hot!

    For those attending weddings as bridesmaids (yes, we’ve got you guys covered), we would recommend this gorgeous Love in the Flair Dress! It comes in 3 pastel shades of peach, yellow, and blue, and would look with light simple makeup!

    To get the look as above, we suggest these makeup products:

    1)      Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation
    2)      Nars Blush in “Sex Appeal”
    3)      K-Palette 24 Hr Real Lasting Eyeliner
    4)      Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette
    5)      Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in “Crystal Pink”
    6)      Cle De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer in “Delicate Pink”
    7)      Em Cosmetics Cosmetics Chiaroscuro in “Fair Tones”
    8)      Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch up in “Blonde”
    9)      Maybelline Falsies Mascara Waterproof

    Next, we have a look for those who are proud of their femininity and want to show off their gorgeous girly sides!

    The Confessa Aztec Textured Dress is soft, flowly, and just so comfortable! Pairing it with high heels is all you need – forget layers of cardigans or shawls or jewelry even. Coming to you in shades of blue, white, and black, you have the choice to choose whichever color suits your moods and needs!

    Makeup-wise, we suggest going for lighter coverage, a luminescent complexion, and pinker lips and cheeks. So here’s what we’ve got on the list:

    1)      Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion SPF 50+
    2)      Guerlain Meteorites in “01 Teint Rose”
    3)      Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up
    4)      Lancome Hypnose Mascara
    5)      Dior My Lady Blush in “003 Pink”
    6)      Maybelline Pink Alert in “POW 1”
    7)      Lunasol Nature Color Eyes Eyeshadow in “05 Nature Colorful”
    8)      Bobbi Brown Clear Lip Gloss
    9)      Amazing Cosmetics Brow Powder in “01”

    If the girly look isn’t quite for you, then why not opt for a happier summery one with our California Livin’ Cropped Top? Doesn’t it just look so cheerful with its bright colors and tropical theme? All you need to do is perch your favorite sunglasses on the top of your head and throw on some ripped denim shorts to look complete the ensemble! (Psst – maybe throw in a neon-colored cross body bag to up the eye catching factor!)

    Your makeup can definitely be more minimalistic in this situation, even lip gloss would be fine. Then again, here’s your chance to be more explorative and playful in your choices, so why not try these instead:

    1)      Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
    2)      Dior 5 Coleurs Transat Edition in “344 Atlantique”
    3)      Dior Fluid Stick in “373 Rieuse”
    4)      Chanel Jardin De Camelias Illuminating Powder
    5)      Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes Multi-Action Concealer
    6)      Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder
    7)      Givenchy Le Prisme Powder Blush in “23 Aficionado Peach”
    8)      Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in “3 Glazed Brown”
    9)      Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

    Ah! When we think summer we tend to think of the Bohemian look don’t we? Must be all the Coachella feels!

    Our Sunny Fling Scarf Dress is the purrrfect dress for this occasion – with it’s silky texture and loose casual feel, you’re bound to feel so breezy and relaxed! Coming in two colors of yellow and white, both with amazingly beautiful patterns, being spoilt for choice is more than natural.

    Fit the sun kissed look with some bronze-toned contouring and nude lips by using these products:

    1)      NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
    2)      YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in “3.5”
    3)      Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder
    4)      Dior Addict It-Lash Mascara in “It-Black”
    5)      Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration Bronzing Powder and Blush
    6)      Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in “101 Beige Mousseline”
    7)      Givenchy Terre Exotique Healthy Glow Powder
    8)      Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in “Cognac Sable”
    9)      Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in “Light/Medium”

    Our last look is for the lovely office ladies – don’t think we’ve forgotten about you!

    We’ve specially chosen this Crystalized Flair Embellished Top for that extra sparkle in your corporate wear; it looks classy without being overly dressy, and is sure to be great for days when you have to make that special presentation!

    All you need to do to add that cherry on top of everything is to lead your way into the workplace with the right makeup, and have we got the best choices for you:

    1)      Lancome Teint Miracle Liquid Foundation
    2)      Shu Uemura Lightbulb Compact
    3)      Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen Waterproof Eyeliner in “Blacquer”
    4)      Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in “84 Accent”
    5)      Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara
    6)      Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Kit in “Medium”
    7)      KATE Real Create Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in “BR-1”
    8)      NARS Contour Blush in “Paloma”
    9)      MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in “Ruby Woo”

    If you guys have any other makeup choices you’d like to play with, do feel more than welcome to tweak it any way you want! We all have different ways of expressing ourselves after all, so go out loud and go out proud to be who you are!

    To all our readers here who have been supporting us, we would like to offer all of you 10% off all Marie's, our special makeup artist for this post, services when you quote "Hollyhoque" :)

    Makeup Artist: Marie Soh

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