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Resort Style 2

Incorporate your outfit choices in your itinerary-planning on your island life getaway with our next instalment, Resort Style 2!
Callister Pleat Around Midi Dress (Dust Pink, Mint, Navy)
A sleeved number with pleated skirting, the Callister Pleat Around Midi Dress (Dust Pink, Mint, Navy) is designed for the conservative dresser in you. Bring this wardrobe essential out to play someday!
Dormy Button Down Denim Dress (Dark Denim, Light Denim)
In the simplest of cut, tortoise shell buttons and midi length, the Dormy Button Down Denim Dress (Dark Denim, Light Denim) speaks straight to the heart. This get-up is easily your Friday's best from nine to wine!
Mandy Off Shoulder Maxi Dress (Lilac, Sky Blue, White)
An off shoulder linen classic with a tiered bodice, get set to greet your princess ensemble hello. Exude resort chic vibe in this effortless one piece wander.
Monique Babydoll Dress (Navy, Sunshine, White)
In a v-neckline, cloth button and tiered sleeves for a dose of fun, the Monique Babydoll Dress is all about the right balance of comfort and style. A classic not to be missed, let this dress take you occasions.
Munich Layered Midi Dress (Black, Navy, White)
Your best bet for a beach vacation, the Munich Layered Midi Dress (Black, Navy, White) is a dream come true for the beach life lovers. Breezy and light to wear, this midi dress will have you fall head over heels in no time.
Terra Sleeves Midi Dress (Navy, Teal, White)
A midi design with banded sleeves and detachable sash, do fashion your way in the Terra Sleeves Midi Dress (Navy, Teal, White). Elevate your style in this basic.
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